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I am told that I have to write a killer About Me page so here goes.......

Back in the heady days of 1953 when life was being lived in Black and White a young couple who lived in Stoke On Trent had their first born.  The child was a bonnie baby boy (Yours Truly) and during the next 7 years he grew up in a terraced house overlooking a cemetery.

Another boy was born into the family during that 7 year period and so late in 1959 the small family moved to "The Country" - Cheshire to be exact and to a small village called Stockton Heath.

Having passed the 11+ examination I went to Grammar School in Lymm in Cheshire during which time I also started to play the piano and study formal music with the London College of Music, a period where I gained  ten passes (9 First Class and 1 Ordinary) in music theory and practical "pianoforte playing".

It was around this time that I also learned to play guitar and discovered that I had an aptitude for writing songs. I also discovered that girls were far more interesting than taking piano lessons.  Because teenagers need money I also got a Saturday job, which helped me get a regular girlfriend and life in this world was good.

My first encounter with the professional entertainment world was meeting the late George Harrison, whose mother lived close to our family home.  This meeting was to lead to a visit to his mother's house several weeks later.

The Saturday job was working in the photographic department of Boots The Chemist and since I knew nothing about photography the Senior Assistant gave me a camera and told me to "go off and take some pictures!"

An image from the first roll of film

Taking photographs really appealed to me and this has led to me working as a freelance photo journalist over the years.
By 2017 I had worked for a number of publications including CB Gazette, ET Now, Chester Chronicle, Connect North Devon, North Devon Gazette (a weekly publication that I still freelance for) and the North Devon Journal.

Over the years I have also cultivated an interest in comparative religions and as a result of that interest my life now follows a Pagan path.  It was during a trip to Glastonbury in the late 1980s that I discovered my interest in Paganism and alternative culture, therapies and meditation.

So now I am a Life Coach (holding an Honours Diploma in the subject) and I have worked with clients as far afield as America, Bulgaria, China.  I am also a Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Therapist, Healer, Meditation Leader and more lately I have now secured a Diploma In Music Therapy.

As a performer I have more than a passing interest in the media and I run a Pagan podcast that is branded Cauldron FM alongside two other podcast services Coaching Radio and Capstone Radio.

There is so much more that I could say (in fact over 60 years worth of stuff) on this page, but hopefully I have included sufficient to give you an insight into my world.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page.


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