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As a musician I have always been fascinated by the fact that music has the power to evoke many emotions and has been used over the years in healing.  So as a therapist I decided in 2015 that it might be a useful item to put into my "toolkit".  I enrolled on a course and 6 months later was awarded a "Music Therapy Diploma"

"My wife had developed a terminal illness and had been moved into a hospice.  I contacted Dave and he asked me what sort of music she liked.  I told him that she had always liked to listen to Monks performing chants".  

"He suggested that I took some CDs of this music to the hospice and played them for her.   I did as he asked and I could see the look of relaxation spread across her face during her final hours"  Phyl 



I first became interested in Crystal Work way back in the late 1980s and I learnt the techniques from a very experienced Sound and Crystal therapist during time spent in Glastonbury.  

However it was not until 2017 that I gained a formal qualification and became a qualified Crystal Therapist.


Here are some quotes from satisfied clients:-

Davina Fitzpatrick - Tattoo Artist and New Mum

"I felt strange blurting all that stuff out to you but I really did need some help!!"

Emma Anderson - Therapist and Student

"You were the greatest help to me at a very dark time indeed. You single handedly, whether you know it or not, pulled me out, and no words would ever express how thankful I am for that."

Your friend Emma

John Richard Trigg (Bulgaria) - Businessman

"Your calming and focused approach to the future has opened up a very different attitude for me to move forward with and for that I thank you deeply"

Jo Newton - Senior Administrator

"I think this is the sort of thing you should have been doing for years!"

Simon Banka - Technician

"When I was experiencing problems in my family life, I asked to see Dave in his office.  He took the time to talk with me, going through the various issues, helping me to discover the solutions that were sitting inside my head all the time.  Dave is patient and displays an extremely caring attitude, I will be following the lessons I learnt from him for the forseeable future."

 Hazel McDonald - Social Worker

"Dave helped me look at myself and see the person inside.  He encouraged me to change my life by small steps, to set small goals every day and try to achieve them. 

Dave showed me how to believe in myself (and when i was being a complete misery, he told me a few home truths)"

Tina Edwards - Senior Manager

"It is incredible! I feel so empowered and that is not like me is it Ali?"

Alyson Pallant - Housewife and Mum

"I have taken control of my life, have told people this is how it is....I could not have done this before spending time talking to you Dave."

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