Thursday, 2 July 2020


Thursday 2nd July 2020

Hi everyone this post is written from a personal standpoint

I know that the current situation is adversely affecting many people around the World.  

However there is one aspect of it that directly affects me and many of my friends and colleagues around the world so I feel that the time has come to lend my voice to that of the others and call for a review of a policy that has impacted severely on many of the people involved in the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY.


For some reason we are not deemed relevant when it comes to support from Central / Local Government despite a direct question being asked of the Chancellor of The Exchequer in open Parliament at the beginning of the Coronavirus situation in the UK.

The Chancellor was asked whether a company supplying power generators to the event industry would come under the scope of the guidelines and be eligible for support by way of rate relief.  The response was quite simple "Yes they would be eligible!"

I know that several local authorities have chosen to ignore that comment and refused to support businesses trading within their areas - by using many varied excuses such as "you don't have a dedicated showroom" or "you are not open to the public" or simply "you do not meet the criteria set down"

Now we have seen in the past 24 hours announcements that 2 large theatres are about to close their doors.  One of the reasons given is that the Social Distancing regulations mean that opening is simply not a viable option and without being able to open there is no income.

And just today I have seen the following 

"Live music alone added £4.5bn to the economy in 2019 and supported 210,000 jobs across the UK.

Up to 50% of the live music workforce is facing unemployment bringing with it a catastrophic loss of skills.

The arenas are set to lose approximately 5 million visitors as a direct result of Covid 19.

Music festivals in the UK support around 85,000 jobs and with the summer effectively cancelled most of these events are facing collapse and the people looking at unemployment.

So this one section of the entertainment industry alone could see about 300,000 people claiming off the state".

How much is this all going to cost unless something is done to breathe life back into our event industry?


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  1. Friday afternoon and I have just received a Tweet (13:35) and I quote:- "as a direct result of the Covid-19 crisis, we regret to announce The Stage s entering into a period of redundancy consultations"

    and another yesterday (18.05) Theatres Trust proclaimed "we are saddened that a suitable buyer has not been found for Nuffield Southampton Theatres. A valuable producer has been lost and the team behind @NSTheatres must be supported so the sector does not lose their expertise"


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