Tuesday, 12 January 2021

4 Steps To Intuitive Eating


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Having just got through the Christmas and New Year periods I thought it might be useful (because so many people will be having concerns about their eating during the festivities) to take time to look again at how and why we eat the way we do and to offer a suggestion about changing what we can do about eating.

All too often we resort to our cravings when we make decisions concerning our nutrition or diet. We listen to our internal voice and are often likely to make decisions that do not serve us effectively!

We will often choose sugary foods and/or junk foods – because they are the sort of foods that we think will make us happy and we all know about the lull after the festivities!

However, by practicing intuitive eating and using mindfulness practices to anchor us in the "here and now" we are able to listen to our bodies own innate wisdom.

We can check out our body and listen to its messages, such as:- 

 I am thirsty / I am hungry / I am full / I am bloated (and the like).

It has to be said that there is not a “one size fits all!” solution to the situation because what works for you may not work for me or anyone else.

So here is a short guide to creating and using intuitive eating practices.

Step one
Sit in a quiet place without distractions. Observe your food, notice its’ colour / shape. Close your eyes and notice any smells or aromas.
What is happening to your body, is your mouth watering? Do you feel keen to eat the food? What are you thinking?

Just be in the moment!

Step two
Take the first bite. Notice the temperature, the texture. How does it feel in your mouth? Focus on the taste.

Continue in the same way for the rest of your mail.

Can you sense any messages from your stomach/mouth?

Step three
Close your eyes after eating and check in with your body – how do you feel? Do you feel energised? Do you feel sleepy? Are you satisfied or do you want more?

Be aware of what your body is saying as opposed to your mind.

Step four
Ask yourself how the meal has served you. Notice how you feel between different food types.

Notice the difference between messages that are coming from your body and compare them to those that are coming from your mind.

Follow the things that your body is telling you and eat intuitively then you can move forward into the New Year in a new frame of mind. 

And finally a quote from John Kabat - Zinn:-

“Mindfulness means being awake. It means noticing what you are doing!”

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