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Suggesting A Different Approach

                                                 A Different Approach
Would you like to work in a state of chaos or would you prefer to be in a place where all tins are stored alphabetically, where receipts are filed in an organised fashion in a perfectly organised storage system?

Would you like to work in an office where plants are flourishing, shelves are clean and the meditation mat sits quietly in the corner right next to the windchimes?

Actually, if you are anything like me your space is a state of creative chaos. I actually dislike doing life admin! In fact, if you gave me some paperwork to keep safe, there is a very strong chance that I would mislay it.

I have to confess that I am often surrounded by half-finished projects and it is a sad fact that there are many unfinished projects in our house.  There is probably at least one in each room!

A fellow coach - Barbara Sher, has actually come up with a great description of it and I quote “Clutter is like a modern sculpture that you have assembled around you.  It is a monument paying tribute to indecision.”

And again, if you are like me you will probably spend time decluttering but the chances are you are just "brilliantly disorganised".

Something else that I am guilty of - I rarely know how much money I have in the bank and if during a phone enquiry they were to ask me how much a recent transaction was (or to whom) the chances are that I would have no idea.

I often tell myself (and you probably do as well), that it will get sorted. When I have more time I will get it done!

Will it get done? Probably not!

So what can we do?

The answer could well be found in something called a “life edit“ devised by Anna Newton.

Anna says “a life edit encourages you to create systems and routines so that you save time and use it more wisely”

Editing everything from your budget to your belongings, your kitchen cupboards and your shopping list means that you will ultimately have more time to do what makes you happy.

A couple of suggested ideas are as follows:-

a) cook food in batches so that you are not cooking every single night
b) put your bread in the freezer and only take out what you need when you need it.

These minor changes could probably result in you not having to go to the supermarket every day (and that means you won’t make impulse buys of things that you don’t need).

The spin-offs from these two points are:-

i)  you will be healthier
ii) you will be carrying less weight

Another change each of us can put into place is learning to say no more often. 

If we are invited to a party we often say yes because we don’t want to offend or disappoint the person holding the party. Instead of doing that negotiate an alternative - you could suggest that you meet up the next week because you are not able to attend the party. 

Now here I recommend that you do not justify why you are not able to attend but if you do, simply say that you have something else planned.

These are only a couple of examples of changes you can make that will lead you towards a better life.

Now, I would like to make a suggestion.

Adopting something called the “kaizen” method can help make small changes and improvements more easily achievable.

For example if you want to run a marathon learn the habit of jogging round the block every morning and adding a little more distance each day. The more you do it the greater your willpower will become.

And now a word (or two) about motivation. 

There are several forms that motivation can take:-
External motivation (carrot and stick method)
Internal motivation (Becoming goal based)

and my personal favourite (and recommendation) 

Internal vision based (how you would like to spend your time) - focus on the journey not the destination, don’t set goals! Instead, consider the milestones along the way.

Look for your why?

For example:-

instead of saying that you want to be a professional guitarist or a published photographer ask yourself these questions:-

Why do I like to play my guitar? or Why do I like to take photographs?

Write down your answers as they come.

Keep asking these personal questions to determine your personal vision and it is very likely that in a short while you will notice that you are making steady and very noticeable progress.

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