Tuesday, 5 January 2021

12 Strategy Tips of Lockdown

Hi and welcome to the Altered Image 12 Strategy Tips of Lockdown post.

This list was inspired by my very good friend and fellow coach Nicky so I extend her a great big virtual hug and "thank you" for that.

So never before have most of us lived through such strange times - I know that there are people out there who lived through the Great Wars but for most of us that is beyond our knowledge or comprehension.

Now without further ado let's crack on with the list.................

1) It is important to get out of the house (which at the time of writing is permitted for exercise) and walk.  This will do wonders for your mind, your fitness and your health.

2) Plan Your Time......it would be all to easy to sit in front of the tv (it would probably also end up very boring) and watch and endless stream of soaps, game shows etc.  Instead take the time to plan - what are you going to do?  Make a list of all the things you can (or want to) do.  That will raise your mental energy level.

3) Exercise.....do you have an exercise bike?  Can you do press ups / sit ups / squats etc.  all of these are good for you and will help to keep you in trim.

4) Maintain Contact.....I am sure that the majority of us have phones, access to emails, pens, paper etc.  We are able to write letters to people who we may have lost contact with, they may well appreciate.  Hook up with people that you have not spoken to for ages on Social Media.  There are quite simply many ways to keep up that contact and majority of you need not be alone.

5) Read A Book(or even write your own).....how many of us have said - "I really want to read that book" or "one day I'll read that book again" or "I have this great idea for a story I must do something about it one day"?  Well now we have the opportunity to do just that!

6) Create A Routine.....yes they can be boring but if you can create some sort of varied routine to stop you from just sitting and brooding.

7. Study.....this is an ideal time to work towards a new qualification or skill.  There are many online platforms that can provide such training BSY / UDEMY are just a couple.  Some of the courses are free whilst others will require a little financial outlay (depending on what your choices are)

8. Learn A New Skill..... this could be knitting, it could be a therapy based skill, art, design, playing a musical instrument (there is a huge list of choices)

9. Get Fit.....follow an exercise programme (there are plenty offered online)

10. You could even drop me a letter, call me (07731 510040) if you want to just talk or email me

11. You could learn a meditation or visualisation technique - this is very good if you are feeling a wee bit stressed by the current situation.


12. Remember that you are not alone!

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