Thursday, 15 December 2016

The whole Moonshadow Media thingymabob.

Hi Good Thursday Afternoon

I hope that you are having a great week - I know that I am.

Just lately I have been doing a great deal of thinking and I don't know if it is the time of year or what but I just feel rather unsettled, disheartened with various things and so on.   So I have been trying to work out what my priorities are and where they lie.  Some things are going to have to go "out the door" in 2017 to make way for new ones.

As a result of this thinking phase I have already begun to make a few changes.  Starting with Wytchwynd Photography

I have decided that I really want to specialise in a few areas and whilst I will not turn work away willingly, I am hoping that as my name gets out and about that the work in the fields in which  I want to operate comes in and fills up the available time.

Alphabetically, the areas that I will be targeting are:-

Accident and Incident
Architectural (buildings,statues etc)
Artistes (in particular bands and singers)
Automotive (cars, buses, trucks etc)
Industrial (machinery etc)
Press work

To see some of my photography (if you have not already done so) you could go to the Facebook page, Wytchwynd Photography or to my website

I have also been looking closely at my broadcast work and to be honest I have started to feel that radio is my first love and TV comes in second. Therefore, it is not beyond possibility that, unless I can find someone who is prepared to work with me to take IlfracombeTV to the next level, it might have to go back onto the back burner.

All that said I produced a new video for the blog that touches into Mindfulness and that is one area that I am keen to study.  During the last couple of days I recorded a new mini programme for Coaching Radio.

To listen to the latest item on Coaching Radio follow this link -

CauldronFM will also be getting a new Yule show, probably by the end of the weekend, so as you can see the broadcast side is busy, but again that is only because I make it so.

Therefore - if anyone reading this would like to jump on board and take on some of the broadcast bits (such as finding advertisers, sponsors for programmes, all of which I would love to do but I just don't physically have the time) and leave me to make the programmes I want to make, that would be fantastic.

And as yet I have not really touched upon the works that I feel called to do regarding my therapies (Crystal Spring, The Music Ladder, Reiki, Crystal Work) and the ongoing development of my skillset as a therapist.

Nor have I mentioned my work as a writer and a musician!

So basically, I think what I am saying is, I need to find a couple of clones that can be instructed to go off and do bits of the work that I already do.

All in all that is an indication of where my head is at the moment and as I said at the top of this post some things have to give - I have to move away from certain things to open the way for the development of others.

So, if you are, or you know of someone who is, a Girl Friday / Man Friday who shares the same passions as I do, and wants to jump on board the Moonshadow Media ship and join in the madness whilst helping me to push it from an almost, non - paying wannabe business into a paying successful media brand that is creating a living then please give me a shout or get them to give me a shout.

If you want to follow me on here please hit the blue button on the right hand side of the page that says  "Follow" - it would be great to see your name on the list.

I can be contacted in various ways including but not limited to:-

email -
facebook - capstoneradio
twitter - @capstoneradio

So just before I go I would like to thank you for reading this and I wish you the best things that life can give.

Love and light to you all and remember

Don't predict the future - CREATE IT!

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