Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Learning From Experience

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Thank you for joining me for this week’s post on the Under Blue Skies blog so without any further ado let us dive right into Learning From Experience…..

It has been said that some of life's most stressful events can be listed as follows:-
1.       Death of a loved one
2.     Separation or divorce
3.     Getting married
4.     Starting a new job
5.     Workplace stress
6.     Financial problems

But there is also a 7th item on that list and that is  
Moving into a new or different house.
So let me tell you that Alison and I are no strangers to that!
Although we have been in our current house for over 20 years, during the early part of our marriage we were the proverbial nomads.  We were “on the move” every couple of years.
The items I have identified above do not make up the list of "May I please have another and another and another of these wonderful situations?"
However I would think that you will agree with me that any of these top 7 most stressful moments in life could change position and be re-ranked depending on what stage you are in your life.
I hope that you understand me on this!
If you had asked me about 20 years ago where I would rank the stress of moving house...
I would most probably have said that moving was listed at position one (1) over and over and over again...
Because I was at a point in my life where I was unsettled and believed that:-
Moving was hard.
Moving was a pain in the bottom
Moving was disruptive
Moving was almost as much fun as sticking needles into my eyes.
And then...
We made it through the last move and I discovered that it had been nowhere near as bad as I had come to believe based on previous experience...
And yet looking back we had survived
Our Second...
Yes, 8 times we had moved in............17 years.
But then I realized just how simple and how exciting that last move had actually been...
Because as with anything...
When you do more of something ....
You find that you naturally become better at it.
Just like building anything (a business, a relationship, a marriage) – the more you do it (or work at it), the easier it gets.
And the same can be said for most of life’s projects
Day after day...
Week after week...
Month after month...
You learn and you continue to grow.
And that growth eventually leads to something you that you can get excited about...
Which then kicks it OFF the top of the list of your life's most stressful events. :)
So if there is one thing that I could have done differently with all of those moves AND other problem areas of both my business and my personal life
It would have been to ask for advice (and help) from someone who had done it before so that I could have done it all FASTER, SMOOTHER………
And with less stress!

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