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Reasons We Put Things Off & How To Change That

Reasons We Put Things Off And How To Change That

Putting things off is one of the biggest barriers to success in all walks of life.  If we do not tackle what has to be, those actions can really stop us making progress towards our goals.
Let us be honest though.  From time to time we all put things off, but there are those among us who deliberately look for distractions to avoid things.   We now live in a time where there are multiple distractions and they are all readily available. When we have things that have to be done we often find ourselves doing anything other that what we are supposed to be doing.
These distractions take the form of making a drink, checking our Social Media pages, calling friends and so the list goes on. 
When we are in this frame of mind, we can find a multitude of things to do instead of working on those important tasks.
There are many different reasons of why we put things off and here I have listed just a few of the more common ones.

Overwhelmed By The Task

When we feel overwhelmed by what lies ahead, the best thing to do is break down the task into smaller more manageable chunks.
Once we have broken it into smaller activities, these parts are much easier to tackle and all we have to do is start working on the first task. The rest of the tasks should follow on more easily from this point forwards.

Lacking Motivation

When we simply cannot motivate ourselves to complete what needs to be done, there are two things we can try to help us out of that rut.   We can spend time with some awesome people. People who inspire and motivate you will help you find your own motivation.
Prepare a vision – When you know and understand the bigger picture you are working towards, you will have clarity about the journey you have to take to reach your goal.

Getting Distracted

If you are easily distracted, there are many ways to limit these distractions. Change your notifications so that you can limit the amount you are receiving. This simple step will leave you to decide when you want to check rather than being constantly notified (plus you will probably increase your battery life).
Try using an app to block website usage. There are a number of different ones available ranging from blocking all usage to those that just block certain sites.
Make sure that you are working in a place where you will have the least number of distractions.  It is important to work out what the key distractions are, then take steps to remove them.

Over Commitment

Sometimes we may have taken on more things than we can comfortably manage. If you do find yourself in this situation, you need to organize and set your priorities.
If you are overcommitted, you may not be able to manage anything very well.  Setting your priorities and focusing on the most important tasks, helps make certain that you make progress. The other things can wait for a later date. If it is not possible to delay them, you may have to see what could help you complete them or investigate whether there are any other ways of getting them done.

Magnifying A Task

At times we can make a task seem harder than it actually is. This especially seems to be the case the more we put something off. We can delay starting something because it seems too big to handle at the present moment, then the longer we leave it, the more daunting it can become. The answer is to do the first part. Once you start you will often discover that it was nowhere near as hard to do as you thought it was going to be.

Unclear Where To Start

We may find it tempting to defer something if we have no idea where to start. If you are unsure about how to complete something you need to do, your first thought may be to avoid trying.  However a better option would be to chat about your options with someone else until you find the inspiration you need to get started on it.

Not Wanting To Do The Task

It can be very common to put off an something that you belive you are not going to enjoy. This happens with a lot of tasks, however the trick is to start the least desirable task and get it over and done with. Completing the worst tasks first helps provide you with the necessary motivation for the remaining tasks because they will probably seem very much easier.

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