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Doing An Emergency Life Audit

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Welcome to the Under Blue Skies blog and in preparation for the theme for next month (which is Organisation) I decided to be a day early and cover something that is often overlooked when times get difficult.

An Emergency Life Audit is something that you can do when there is not time to think about everything that is going on in your life, or if there are only a few areas that appear to be causing you problems.

What is the main concern on your mind?

Focus on the thing or things that keep you awake at night or are making every moment an anxious mess.

Generally there are ten main areas that are home to most of everyone’s problems and they are:-

Recreation and Hobbies
Physical Health and Body Image
Home Life
Personal Development
Community Service/Giving

We often find it necessary to carry out an emergency life audit because we are (or have been) experiencing problems in one or two of the above areas of our life.  

There may be other areas that need attention but is is probably best to being with the top one or two things that on the list.

What is the core problem?

Many people focus on surface issues when trying to solve problems.   It can be said that “we solve the symptoms, but we do not cure the disease”.

This is situation is great if the issue will clear up on its own time, but most of them do not.   When this happens we find ourselves stuck!  We are moving in  a circle where we are dealing with symptom after symptom, and still trying to work out why nothing is changing.

Although it is a good idea to deal with the symptoms, we must remember that we need to figure out what is actually responsible for causing them. Because that thing is the core problem, the nub of the situation, the nitty gritty!

To discover the basis of the core issue is very simple and can be determined by asking yourself these simple questions and being honest in your answers.


The very first question might be something along the lines of:-

Q - Why am I concerned about my career?

A – Because the company is restructuring and making redundancies

Q – What impact would that have on me?

A – I might have to move to a different location

Q – Where would that mean moving to?

So as you can see this can help you work through the problem and it could turn into a long conversation or if could end up being very simple.  It is all governed by the sort of problem or situation you are facing.

Decide how you want the core problem to be fixed

The simple answer to saying “I need more money” is “find more money”.

This part can be extremely frustrating if we have been trying to solve it already (which is why we took a couple days to solve the symptoms first).

However it is probably wise to avoid trying to solve the situation when you are already overwhelmed.

These are probably the hardest steps to take, and even more so if the core problem is complicated such as:-

Finding a new job – this could feel next to impossible,
Rebuilding a connection with your family – a lot of broken bridges might need to be mended.

Discovering what you really want might take time!

However, it is extremely important to work out what you really want!

If you need more money, you might want to change careers or find a better paying job in your skill area

If you want to have a better relationship, then you might want to recreate a former bond (something that you used to do but have stopped over time) with your loved one.

Don’t worry about the way to get there yet, just think about what you want. This is now your long-term goal!

Define three actions that you can take today

You need to start by dealing with the stress that you are currently dealing with.

Look back at the conversation with yourself, and the first thing that you thought of when trying to figure out what’s going on. These are the symptoms, the things you are facing and “the things that are on fire.”

What could you do during the next couple days that would help alleviate that symptom?

You are not attempting to solve the situation just yet – what you are doing is looking at ways you can give yourself some room to work.

This is important because it is not in your best interest to end up paralyzed because of all the extra pressure you are piling on yourself.

For example,

Maybe you needed to deal with the fact that you are nervous about being dependent on someone else until you get back on your feet. You had not been dependent on someone for so long that it was making me anxious and depressed!

You may decide on the following three actions:

Keep a closer eye on the money of your own that you spend.
Check in with your partners more to make sure you are ok (this will help reduce anxiety).
Spend extra time planning future projects

These ideas are to help reduce the anxiety, not to solve the money problems.

Do one thing to get you started

Once you know what your long-term goal is, then you need to put both feet on the ground and start walking!

Pick one thing that you can do right now that will get you started.

For example - If you are looking for a change in career, update your CV and make sure it contains all the current information about your qualifications, experience etc

If you are looking to improve relations with your partner, schedule a date night this week, book theatre tickets or arrange to go out for a meal in your favourite restaurant.

Small actions can become big changes!

And finally

If you are in a situation where you are suffering insomnia, anxiety, or depression from a circumstance, immediate action is necessary. Sometimes this can mean ignoring the standard goal setting advice and taking action before plans are made.

When setting long-term goals, it is very wise to create short-term goals that will help you reach the long term goal and creating a working action plan.

Not taking action when things need to change is unacceptable in most cases.

We are forced to act and it is best to know where you are going with a long-term goal.

(Based on an original idea by Nicole Larson)


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