Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Aspirations, Motivation and Progress




This week I have thought long and hard about why the audience figures for last week were down compared to previous weeks.  The only conclusion I was able to reach was that it had to be something to do with the subject matter.

When I thought about creating that post one of the things that I had considered was "worry" and recognising it as a useless emotion and how the effects it has were negative.  However, it seems that I got it wrong and with its negative connotations it was far from the best choice of subject.


So this week let us look at something a little more relevant, and as a result of this change of tack let us consider Aspirations, Motivation and Progress.


What are your aspirations?  An example could be a strong hope, wish or desire for achievement or success.  Aspirations are goals or objectives that are clearly and strongly defined.

Examples of aspirations are - a desire to be elected to office, a desire to become famous in a particular field, to be a renowned actor / actress or to become a highly successful business person.

It will often involve someone striving to become something other than their present self.


Once you have identified your aspirations, you know "what you aspire to" the next step is to identify the things necessary to help you work towards achieving them.  So what could these things be?

They could take the form of needs, wants, desires or drives that someone has.  

Motivation is the process of stimulating people to take all of the actions necessary to achieve their goals.  Such stimuli could be the desire for money or success.  It is the "why" you are doing something coupled with the level of desire you have to achieve your success.

Motivation initiates, guides and helps maintain goal orientated behaviour and it is what causes you to take action.


Making progress is the forward and ongoing movement in the direction of and towards achieving your goals or destination.  It is the act of moving towards the result rather than the final achievement of the project.

Progress could be viewed as something that is being done, or that is happening right now.


The ultimate end of the process is the RESULT.

The idea or aspiration, seeks out the motivation, the motivation seeks out and requires progress and it is the progress that will ultimately bring about the result.


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