Wednesday, 22 July 2020

A Decision Can Change Everything (including Growth and Confidence)

A Decision Can Change Everything!

People are often stuck when it comes to creating what they want in life - and probably one of the biggest reasons why is because they don't actually DECIDE what they do really want!

They don't know if they want to Build A Business; Create Abundance In Life; Create A Life They Love; Create Joy or Create Happiness to name but a few possible options.

People often feel that they are not good enough, they may say that they lack confidence and that is why they are fed up of not reaching their full potential - is that you?

If you have answered "yes" then now is the time to make the decision to change it!

Do not allow anything less into your life - COMMIT TO THE DECISION (I have done it and so I know that you can do the same) - it is time to stop hiding behind excuses!

When you say

"That's enough! I am going to live my best life from here on forwards.  I am going to change, I am going to be abundant and I am going to live in that space AND that space only!" 

You are making a commitment to yourself that you are not going to settle for anything less and you are stating to the UNIVERSE "This is how it is from here on forwards!"

When you do make that decision and the proclamation things begin to happen and you have to OWN IT!

"THIS IS MY LIFE AND I AM GOING TO LIVE IT! - this should be the statement that confirms that is your decision and affirms that nothing else is a match for what you are now doing!


So lift your energy to that high level and believe that you are going to attract things into your life and it is so powerful that the Universe just seems to roll over and say "OK Then!"

Begin to believe that you are already in possession of these things and they do start to become your reality provided you are "Intentional" - you get to decide what you want in your life and then you are able to realise that life is full of possibility!

Make the decision that you will focus on empowering thoughts such as:-

Abundance flows to me
I am so grateful for the abundance I receive
My abundance is overflowing
I am intentional about my thoughts

because the more you say these things the more you begin to believe them and the more that you believe them the more the abundance will flow into your life - sometimes in random ways!

Experience and feel what it is you want to achieve 
Close your eyes and feel what it is like to be abundant - really connect to the feelings!
If you are able to do this and make it real (even though it is not yet read) - dream, explore, have fun, imagining all of these will help you to become an intentional creator.

You can also use these ideas and concepts in your business life - use them to attract the correct people.

Make the decision about what you want and see yourself with it, see it happening for you in full glorious Colour Vision.

So in conclusion 

Make sure that you have a clear understanding of what you want..............

What does it look like?
How are you feeling?
Where will you be?
What will you be doing?

DAve x


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And above all

Don't Predict The Future - CREATE IT!

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