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Creating A Successful Personal Management System

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This week I thought I would share a few useful tips and ideas that you can use to help streamline and improve your personal management system.  If you are anything like me you are probably holding both aspirations and dreams of becoming more organised but are lacking the motivation to do so.

I believe that there are things we can do to change this situation.  So here are some of the ideas and tips that I believe will help us to achieve the change.

Tips For A Weekly Reset

1) Get your inbox to zero. 

How many emails are sitting there unread in your inbox?  Or, how many are there that you have actually read but hit "Keep As New"?  If either of these apply then it is a huge help if you clear them all down, read each unread message, then deal with it appropriately and then move on to the next one

2) Clear down all your notes.

How many notes do you put onto your desktop?  How many post it notes to you have lying about - things that you wanted to remind yourself about and yet when you check back you did whatever it was without referring to your note.  If they are done with get rid!

3) Clear your desktop.

Does your desktop screen have all kinds of things, random documents that could be moved into folders, are there unused program icons on the screen (things you will probably never use again etc.) if so get rid of them!

4) Clear you download folder.

All those items that were useful or important at the time 6 months ago, probably now finished with and completed can all be deleted.

5) Clear any unnecessary paperwork from your desk.  

If it has been dealt with file it away appropriately, if it is no longer relevant bin it or shred it.  If it is lurking in a drawer and you don't look at it from one month to the next remove and dispose.

6) Scan any business card you have received.

Business cards although useful are a real pain in the rear, why not scan them and save them into a file on your computer or store on your phone?

7) Clear out your wallet and / or bag.

I have just done this and cleared out the following :- a ripped portable drive box, a portable drive unit, a pack of birthday wrapping paper, a pair of old headphones, 5 elastic bands, 4 loose business cards, 2x iphone charge cables and 3 pens....... oh and 50p in change!

Update Your Calendar

Here is something that is a must - if events have taken place, if you have been to that meeting, if that birthday has gone or if you have taken the dog to the vet.  Cross them off.  If there is still anything left from the past few months then either bring it forward to the current time or delete it because it is not going to get done.  ONLY KEEP THINGS ON HERE THAT ARE CURRENT!

At the same time as this why not brain dump all of your future to do's, organise them and add them to the calendar. 

If there are any "hanging" items make a decision finish off or delete!

When this is done:-

Plan A Personal Adventure

List things like:- what books are you going to read / where are you going to go / plan a holiday or a trip away.

And finally.......

Create A Some Day list - identify the things that you want to do "some day!"


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