Wednesday, 28 June 2017

30 Better Life Tips

Hi it’s Dave,

Greetings from Ilfracombe and welcome to Under Blue Skies.  I am very excited about some new developments that are on the horizon.  These ideas will see changes to the way my posts are created. 

Sharing these pages with everyone goes a long way towards stimulating me to keep writing them and over the weeks to come I will be trying out some new ideas.

For today’s piece I have pulled together a number of tips that we can use to help us live a better life.

So here are 

30 Better Life Tips

01. Never take financial advice from someone who is broke
02. Walk down the street and with a big beaming smile on your face say hello to everyone you meet
03. Write a letter to someone you are grateful to, tell them exactly how and why, then post if.
04. Find someone who is worse off than you are then offer your help and assistance.
05. Spend at least 30 mins every day walking in complete silence no phone no distraction just you and complete silence
06. Time for a clear out- go through your things and get rid of everything you don't need or use any more.
07. Ban the news - don't read newspapers or watch tv for at least 24 hours
08. Before going to bed at night read an inspirational passage or phrase or listen to an inspirational tape
09. Find somewhere quiet and spend at least 20 minutes in quiet calm contemplation
10. To celebrate the new changes in your life buy and wear something as a symbol of your new path such as a bracelet, a pendant or a toe ring

11. Adjust your schedule so that you have less commitments during the day
12. Move more slowly and with purpose
13. It is better to show others that you love them rather than simply telling them
14. Be mindful of the food and drink you put into your body - treat yourself kindly
15. Let your inner child play at least once every day
16. Quietly observe your thoughts - what do they say about you? 
17. Practice changing your thoughts to be more in line with the person you want to be
18. Raise your heartbeat above rest at least once a day
19. Let go of labels and ideals, be the person you are not the label
20. Print, sculpt, scribble, write - create something every day to fulfil the need to create

21. When confronted with a situation stop and ask yourself what would the you of 30 years hence actually do
22. Focus on your breathing or heart rate several times each day and try to slow them down
23  Think before you say anything, ask yourself is it true, is it kind and if the answer is no then say nothing
24. See challenges as opportunities not as problems
25. Create a list of important short term goals, make an action plan for each one and then set a deadline to accomplish them.
26. See "bad" days as interesting ones instead
27. Do not strive for perfection, perfection equals paralysis.  Instead do the best you possibly can then look to improve on what you do
28. Memorise something every day
29. Constantly work to reducing your list of possessions and becoming a person of minimal needs - you will become much more content.
30. Develop an endless curiosity about our world, try new things and experience as many different sensations and environments as possible.  Let the world be your jungle and you the explorer.

So as we reach the end of this week’s post I would like to thank you sincerely for taking the time to read the words.  I hope that you will find them useful as you move forwards in your daily life.

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Have a fantastic day, live a life of Passion and Power.

And above all

Don't Predict The Future - CREATE IT!

DAve x

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