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Living In The 21st Century

Why Has Living In The 21st Century Become So Complex?

How many times have we heard the words - "you've never had it so good!"? 

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Whilst to a certain extent that statement is correct there are a number of occasions where that sweeping comment is simply not true!

Take, for example,

The Car.
If we go back into the 1960's; the 70's and even the 80's an engine was a relatively simple piece of equipment.   It’s job was to provide the motive force to drive the wheels and make the car it was powering move backwards or forwards. The car also had brakes fitted so that is was able to stop.  Most basic vehicle maintenance was well within the capabilities of a normal working man or woman (if they so desired).

BUT in the 21st Century a car has become a complex machine comprising a multitude of sensors, computers and other hi –tech equipment and if the vehicle needs anything more than a basic oil change it has to be taken to a garage. 

Generally speaking if something happens to go wrong with the vehicle it will probably require both a software engineer and a mechanic to get it back on the road.

We are living in the age of the computer!

Even our houses are becoming computers with the development of the "Smart Home". technology  We can all sit in our comfy arm chairs, playing our music; watching our "idiots lanterns" – another name for a television.  We can be doing our shopping; turning lights on and off and so much more - all by using simple voice commands.

But, is having so much computer technology running our daily lives such a good idea? 

It is my opinion that we are suffering health-wise! 

We are always craving increasingly greater amounts of stimulation and if anything goes wrong with our digital world we are often powerless to do anything about it.

For example - I run an online radio service from a computer set up in my home studio - that service is sent to the world via the Internet  and it has proved to be very popular.  Happy Me, Happy Listeners!

A short while back, we changed the provider of our telephone and Internet services at home.  This should have been a relatively simple process, we thought, and getting connected was just that. 

However, lurking just just below that happy situation was a technological monster. The radio station had to be restarted. 

Up until this time all of the cables and equipment in the system had been performing quite happily and that had been the case for the past few years.  At various times all these items of equipment had coped with a new router being added and the computer itself was changed about two years ago, again without too much grief.

But now the service that should only have required a cable plugging into the new router is still not operational despite it being in excess of a week since the change.  And as I am writing this the studio computer still will not talk to the new router!!!!!

In another example that occurred on  Friday last,  a work colleague spent approximately half a day installing an Internet radio in the workshop.  It took so long because it would not "talk" to the computer providing the signal. 

He decided to remove what he deemed to be an unnecessary router from the network - one that my computer has been connected to by wi-fi  for several years with never a problem.

Yet now because of that change my computer has stopped connecting to the master router and I am left with an unsecured cable connection to the whole company network.


I could continue with much more anecdotal evidence to illustrate that 21st Century life has become simpler but has not become easier but I choose not to follow that path any further.

Instead I will simply say this -

There are many things that purport to be making life simple that are, in reality, undermining people's lives and making them totally dependent on "experts"

I am increasingly concerned about the financial and personal costs of this “progress”

I am worried about what the future holds for my grandchildren and their children. 

To that end my wife and I are looking closely at the options available in order to make insightful changes to our lives in the hope that we can teach our family and others that simplicity need not be at the whim of technology nor at a high level of personal or financial cost.



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