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Some Tips To Help You Ask Some Of The Most Fantastic Questions Ever.

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Well we have now left January behind and I hope that you enjoyed our guest post from Catherine Green and I would like to say a great big thank you to her for providing that post.

Those of you who follow my Social Media (in particular FB and Insta) will already know that the theme of this month is Wisdom and this post (in line with that theme) refers you to some tips and tricks that will help you to get the most from your conversations.

Show a Real Interestgive the person you are in conversation with your full interest and ask them questions that are designed to get them to elaborate where possible.

Use the Magic Words – “Tell Me” helps you to ask questions that cannot be answered with a simple yes or no.

Say the other person’s name – to the person you are talking to, saying their name is the sweetest sound in any language.

Agree heartily and disagree softly – tolerance and respect, especially when someone disagrees with you, is a vital ingredient for having successful conversations.

Talk less, listen more – nodding your agreement, making direct eye contact and being fully engaged in the conversation will make the other person feel that they are being listened to (and heard).

Do not interrupt or change the subject – it shows a great respect to always allow the other person time to finish before you embark on your response.

What would you do if you knew that you could not fail – with this question it is practically 100% certain that you are going to elicit a response

Who thinks you are great (or beautiful) when you wake up in the morning – the version of this question you use can often be dependent on the gender of the person you are in conversation with.

How are you, really? – if you are having one of the conversations where someone has being “through the mill” it can be useful to help drill down to the root of the situation. (However, my advise would be to avoid this question like the plague if you are not a good listener.  It can throw up some very deep “stuff”)

How would you behave if you were the best in the world at what you do? – this is a really great question to ask and it can lead to some amazingly funny moments.

Are you finding your dream job, or creating it? – another question that can open the way to a great and highly informative conversation.

If there was a solution to your anxiety what would it look like? – we can often find ourselves in a conversation with someone who is anxious or worried about there future.  Someone who might be feeling on edge or nervous and this question can help them towards working out a solution in their mind.

When was the last time you did something for the first time? – this is a totally awesome question and it can give you insights into the person far deeper than you would normally get.

What would Beyonce (or some other superstar) do?

What if there was a ………………..that could ………….?

Why are you worth knowing?

What or who lights you up?

How do you treat people who can do nothing for you?

I hope that you will use the above tips and that you will notice a significant difference in the quality of the conversations that you have with other people.


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