Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Mindful Parenting - A Special Guest Post

This week’s post is a special guest post by my friend and fellow Midlander Catherine Green

As the pagan housewife I practice mindful parenting. I have been meditating and using affirmations for almost fifteen years, and selfcare is very important when I feel overwhelmed with motherhood. Just like everyone who has children, I sailed into parenthood full of aspirations, personal goals and a cheerful attitude that I would be the perfect parent, I would raise my children to be good and obedient, and I would show everyone else how it is done. Oh, what a fool I was!

None of us really know how to be parents. We muddle through and make it up as we go along. There is no right or wrong way to raise a child, because each child is individual. And that is the key factor. I don’t want my children to be quiet and introverted and obedient. I want them to feel confident in their choices, confident in their self-belief, and to question anything that needs explanation. They are exhausting, but they are wonderful. My children know the difference between right and wrong as we perceive it. They understand what good behaviour should be, and they are free to decide how they behave.

Being a mindful parent simply means being aware of our limits as adults. We cannot be there every second of the day to oversee our children’s lives. At some point we must step away and give them some space to grow and develop. They need interaction from other adults and children to teach them about life and how to respond in different situations. Sometimes I need a day away from my children, so I send them to grandparents or friends, and I don’t feel guilty about it. I need a break from them, and they need a break from me occasionally. It is healthy to have some space.

Another challenge is food. I had dreams of being the traditional Earth Mother, feeding my little darlings fresh, home cooked food. I wanted it to be home grown, but that is still in development. And now they refuse to eat proper food. They live on a junk food diet, and that is mostly my fault, because I am the one who gave it to them. I couldn’t help it. I give them the kinds of food that I used to eat as a child, and the foods that I like to eat now. They choose what they like from that selection, and they refuse the fresh, healthy vegetables that I offer. Seriously, I have visited doctors, health professionals, the internet and lots of parent friends for advice, but nothing works in this department. It is an ongoing battle.

So, I take a step back. I put the children to bed, pour myself a glass of gin, sit down and try to relax. I visit my local reiki support group for meditation and relaxation. I sit in my quiet space at home and meditate. I visit my parent friends and we all reassure each other that we are doing a good job. Life goes on. Our children grow.

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Catherine Green: ghostbuster, author, mother and wife. My ghosts lurk within the human mind; my supernatural creatures are loud and proud.

You heard me. I hunt ghosts, both the scary old house kind, and those that are not so easily revealed. I live with people that have mental health challenges, mainly depression and anxiety, and those kinds of ghosts are the most difficult to slay.

It is not surprising, then, that my stories feature supernatural creatures exhibiting weird and wonderful personality traits, magical powers, and all the quirks of a human magnified and heightened. #TheRedcliffeNovels series is set in a fictional seaside town in Cornwall, and my next series of novels tell tales of vampires and vampire hunters in the North West of England. Come and look, if you dare…

As the pagan housewife I blog about lifestyle, family, the world of books, and of course, my favourite pastime, ghost hunting. I also blog about my adventures in British shamanism and witchcraft, holistic health and wellbeing, and living with a rare genetic disorder. Contact me for collaborations, product reviews, and anything else we might create together.

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I would like to express my deepest thanks to Catherine for taking the time to create this post for us and I hope that there will be some feedback from everyone and then I can pass those comments over to her.


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