Some Myths About Life In The 21st Century

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Hi and welcome to this new post from Under Blue Skies.  On these pages we provide pointers that will help our readers to bring about change and assist them to reach their true potential in life. 

We often work with people who aspire to better themselves, to become more self confident and to make progress towards a version of themselves that understands the concepts of success, achievement and personal development.

So the topic of this post is dispelling certain myths that exist in modern day life and that are potentially giving society a jaundiced view of living in the 21st Century.

So let us dive right in and begin.

About Myth #1 – Image of Beauty

Now you might choose to call me old-fashioned on this point but I believe that there is a huge pressure placed upon women to conform to an ideal image of beauty that is almost impossible to achieve.

I contend that these ideals are very much representative of a modern form of oppression and as such they attack and undermine the long fought for and sort after equality of the sexes.

About Myth #2 – Privacy

Thanks to the development of telephone directories / driving licences / National Insurance Numbers / Credit Cards / the Social Media platforms (Twitter, Facebook and the like) / Online Shopping there is precious little privacy in modern life. 

A search for myself on one of the major search engines turned up an entry on page 5 about one of my projects.

About Myth #3 – Happiness is dependent on your purchasing power

Completely untrue!  Happiness is something that comes from the inside and is in no way dependent upon how much you can buy or how often you can go on a cruise or travel to foreign lands.  Yes these things can be an aid to happiness but you can just as easily be happy when you are broke.  Happiness is a state of mind!

About Myth #4 – Happiness is dependent on how much (stuff or money) you accumulate.

Again not true – you can be as happy without the trappings of modern life as you are with them (and sometimes even more so without the burden of such things)

About Myth #5 – Happiness has to be earned.


Can you not be happy looking at a sunset?  Can you not be happy watching your children play?  Where is it written that you have to earn happiness?

About Myth #6 – Happiness is based on achieving your desires and dreams.

Another cart load of mythology here, if you are only happy when you get to those things you are going to live a life quite devoid of happiness.  Happiness is also about the journey not just reaching the destination.

About Myth #7 – Happiness is always in the future.

Why wait?  You can be happy now and always – the future is always something that moves away from you at the exact same rate as you move forward in your life.  In other words, the future is always the future!

About Myth #8 – Happiness is only possible if everything is perfect.

Say what?  Do you think that perfection is the bringer of happiness?  As I mentioned in the above point about the future, perfection is an idealistic dream and as such can never be attained.  Yes we can come close to perfection but even a certain make of luxury car (that has the initials RR and costs many thousands of pounds) can break down on a journey.

About Myth #9 – Happiness is dependent upon others.

Again I disagree!  You do not NEED other people to be happy.  For example what about if you were walking on a beach, the sky is blue, you are barefoot and it is a sunny day.  You have eaten, you have quenched you thirst, you watch a dog splashing in the water, birds singing and wheeling overhead.  Are you really going to need other people for your happiness?

About Myth #10 – Older people lead boring lives!

Are you kidding me?  I know of many people who are a lot older than I am and they live amazing lives. 

They are busy, they travel to foreign countries if they want to, they don’t have the pressures of going to work.  Many of them are free to come and go just as they please without having to answer or justify themselves to anyone.

So that brings me to the end of this post and I sincerely hope that having read it you start to take a look at your own life and see if there are some areas that could benefit from a shift in thinking.


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