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About The Laws Of Mindfulness

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Mindfulness is one of the biggest phenomena of the past decade (or more) and it is amazing at how much it has caught on.  It is a practice that is actually centuries old but more recently it has become a huge lifestyle choice. 

If you are not aware of some of the key principles of Mindfulness then this post should help to enlighten you. 

First let me say that mindfulness is an ancient technique and it has been around for centuries.  The basis of mindfulness is having an awareness of the present moment and holding no judgement about that moment.

If you want to enjoy the benefits you have to embrace the costs.

What is it in your life that is worth suffering for?  Determining this is going to help you decide the roads that you must travel.  It is important to remember that this life is about giving and taking and relationships.

Let Go of Control

It is no surprise that being in control presents us with an illusion of security because we like to feel that we are protected.  However in the ultimate sense of the word there is no such thing as control.  Why?  Because we cannot control how things are going to turn out and therefore the soon we “get” this and stop trying to control things, the happier we will be.

Believe It / Live it

People are often to be found preaching about their wisdom but are they really living it?   The same can be said of you if you pronounce long and proud about a certain matter but do not live by that of which you speak.  The term “being authentic” and practicing what you preach should be your normality.

Create In The Mind First and In The World Second

It is vitally important that you take not actions until you know what you are doing.  Remember that our brains start everything and thus they literally bridge the gap between us and the universe.

Don’t Look To Others, Look Within

Personal Development Trainer Tony Robbins often says “What other people think of me is no business of mine”. 

Many people are uber concerned about how other people think of them when in reality you don’t find yourself in other people, you should look within.

Easy Lives Are Not Necessarily Victorious Ones
We all have to have a struggle in our lives sometime and the realisation (when it dawns) is that it has made you a stronger person.  If you know that you are on the right path, despite it being tough, it will lead you to wherever you want to go.  And that is the main reason to carry on.

The Present Moment Is The Only Reality There Is

As humans we have an amazing ability to dwell in either the past (or the future) over and over again.  We know that these two things do not exist and that the only reality is this present moment and yet we still go there! Past and Future are really only figments of the imagination.

We Have To Walk Our Own Path

Once we realise this and we take steps to deal with our inner conflicts and save ourselves from them, life on the outside starts to bounce off us just like raindrops run off green leaves.

And finally

Those Negative Thoughts Only Have Power If You Believe Them

Eastern beliefs tell us that thoughts are rooted in the Universe not the Individual.  Therefore it follows that we do not have the control over our thinking that we think we do.

We can actually step back and observe our thoughts and as a result of this we need only suffer from negative thoughts if we attach to them


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