Make Some Changes Towards Being A Better Person

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Thank you for joining me for this week’s post on the Under Blue Skies blog so without any further ado let us dive right into Make Some Changes Towards Being a Better Person…..
In this week’s post I would like you consider seven points that could help you change your life if you want to live a more wholesome and ultimately more productive lifestyle

Point 1 - You Are Your Habits!

Every habit that you have goes towards making up your character and shows other people who you are.  So take a close look at the habits you already have, which ones serve you and which ones do not. 

Having analysed these habits keep all of the good ones but ditch the bad ones and you will be on your way to self improvement.

Point 2 – Stop Snoozing The Dawn.

I am sure that with a little thought you can find days when you have totally wasted valuable time by hitting the Snooze button on your alarm clock. The is an old saying that goes “The Early Bird Catches The Worm!”  In other words if you get there early you can beat the competition and have your choice of what is available.  Get up early, get things done and you can get out there and grab the world.

Point 3 – Drinking Every Weekend.

It is a known fact that drinking is habit forming and can ultimately become an addiction.  It is also expensive!  Why not cut out some of the alcohol and use the money you save for those little treats that you deserve. 

Stopping drinking also gets rid of those horrible hangovers that cause you to lose time / progress because you are not functioning properly. 

Too much alcohol is not good for your mental health so why not introduce some non-drinkers into your life and spend time with them.  Who knows you might enjoy the company and will probably remember more of what you have done. 

However, if you really do have to take part in weekend drinking sprees, then try to limit your drinking so that you don’t get paralytic and become unable to remember the things you have done.

Point 4 – Reduce Unintentional Shopping.

If you work out how much you spend a week on “unintentional shopping” you might get a shock.

Make all of your spending on shopping count.  Cut out spending on things that you don’t actually need.  You could also try ethical shopping and thrift shops that can help you save money and you can often get to buy better items.

Point 5 – Stop Saying “Sorry” Too Much!

How many times do you apologise for things that are not your fault?  Always try to be mindful of your words and realise that if you keep apologising then eventually you will shoulder a pile of blame for things that you really need not acceopt responsibility for.

Point 6 – Avoid Being Permanently Busy.

This is one of my big areas – sometimes we believe that it is necessary to always seem busy – maybe this is a left over from something my mother used to say to me “The Devil makes work for idle hands” – in other words if you are doing nothing you can sometimes get into mischief with disastrous results..

Take a look at what you are doing and prioritise things, avoid mental clutter and you might find that you accomplish more.  Perform some off the clock “Deep Work” such as working with the elderly or those less fortunate thank yourself.

Point 7 – Stop Comparing Yourself To Others.

I am sorry to say here that Social Media is one of the big causes of that.  In reality it is made up of “Highlights” and people showing themselves in the “best light” when their lives might be just as ordinary as everyone else.  Social Media often presents an image (yes image) that is completely unreal.

So instead of making comparisons why not compliment the person on their posts?

I have to say “thank you” to Muchelle B for being the inspiration for this post.


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