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A Simple Guide to Brain Dumping.

Have  you ever laid awake at night, unable to sleep because of all the thoughts that are circling around your head?  Time moves slowly, you probably toss and turn, you might event get up and wander around the house for a while.

And yet!  There is a system that can probably help you to calm down, to help you to rest and wake more refreshed in the morning.    The thing I am taking about is “Brain Dumping” a not so glamorous name for something that is an absolutely great tool to have for clearing the mind.

We are living in these mad, crazy times and we all tend to have so much going on in our lives and sometimes we can be guilty of feeling that we have to remember everything.  If you are anything like me the chances are that you often feel you have thousands of things you need to remember all at the same time and the upshot of that is feeling stressed, tired and less efficient.

If you are always trying to remember everything, you will probably find yourself jumping between tasks and rarely getting anything accomplished or completed. 

And so this is the point to introduce you to Brain Dumping

This simple system is the best way to be able to remember things without carrying them all in your head. 

It is a system that is so easy it can be done in just a few minutes

All you have to do is to get all of those thoughts, to do’s and other things out of your head and onto paper.  You simply create a disorganised list!

At some point or other we all need to get out of survival thinking and brain dumping is an ideal way to do this.

It is not a case of having to live your life always trying to keep your head above water. You just have to allow yourself to let go of all those things whirling round your head.

Secondly you do not have to go to bed with a “to- do” list bouncing around your mind nor do you have to worry about remembering everything in the morning.

As you brain dump you write things down so that they are not forgotten and then there is no need to keep thinking about them again.

Every time you write down a thought, an idea or something that you have to do, you allowing your mind the freedom it needs to be more efficient.

We are also able to use brain dumping as way to deal with our emotions

Brain dumping is a way to let your subconscious express what is really bothering or worrying you, because sometimes we are not able to identify what is causing the problem.

Often stress will build up and it is not always possible identify what is the cause of the build up and using a brain dump can help your subconscious to express what is really bothering you.

It might be that your brain dump is focussed on issues like getting the house clean, remembering a doctor’s appointment, preparing the presentation you are about to give to your clients.

Once you know what might  be causing you to become stressed you can plan, remove those unimportant items from you to do list or change the time of appointments and in this way you get to au understanding of what to tackle and thus reduce the stress.

Getting things out of your brain and onto paper will allow you put them on the table and go through them as you are ready.  The list is in front of you so there is no need to carry it around on your mind all day.
There is now no need to think about your entire list. You can simply focus on one single task at a time and stop worrying about what comes next. As you complete a task, you simply refer back to your list and move on to the next item.

A brain dump is a fantastic way to clear your thoughts and take control of the tasks you want to tackle in a day.  Use your brain dump as a tool to help you be more proactive during the day.
When to Brain Dump
This is really down to personal preference and your choice to do it whenever suits you
Some people prefer to do a brain dump method right before getting into bed in order to get their thoughts out of their head, to prepare a little for the following day and to get a quiet night’s sleep.
There are others who like to tackle their brain dump first thing in the morning whilst some make it a weekly or monthly event.
However it does not really matter when you choose to brain dump and you do not need a set time. If you only need a brain dump every so often that is fine.  You simply work out what is best for you.
How to Do a Brain Dump And What to Do With Your Brain Dump

Step 1 - DUMP

The way to do a brain dump is incredibly easy. You simply
Write out all of the thoughts swirling around your head.
It is that easy!


After getting all of your thoughts, worries, to-dos, ideas, etc. on paper, just work through your list and identify your categories.
Separate your thoughts into those categories. Some examples of categories:
·                                 Things that need to be done today
·                                 Appointments and appointments that need to be made
·                                 Bills
·                                 Calls to be made
·                                 Emails to be written
·                                 Shopping list for your weekly meal plan
·                                 Events to be planned such as a dinner or birthday party
·                                 Date night, playdate, holidays, trips, etc.)
·                                 Home maintenance, declutter deep clean, repair or replace
·                                 Your dreams, goals, projects, routines, habits, health, fun
Remove the clutter and create a clear space to let your mind operate freely.


You can now organise and rank each task according to urgency, or you could put them into categories such as:
·                                 “Urgent and Important”
·                                 “Important, but not Urgent”
·                                 “Urgent, but not Important”
·                                 “Not Urgent and Not Important”
(This idea comes from Steven Covey’s book First Things First).


If there are small things that you can do within a minute or two, do them!

Always do the full task – such as when you fold the laundry, put it away instead of leaving it for a week, or take the two extra minutes of time to hang your coat back up and put it away after you get home.

Closing the loop and avoiding last step syndrome will help you stay on top of your day and home.

Make a separate list of things you want to do for other people, look at your calendar, and schedule them in, make the appointment with yourself, and then keep it.

It does not take or require a full lifestyle overhaul to improve your productivity and quality of life! All it takes is a simple shift in mindset.
Allow yourself to shift the burden you carry to a sheet of paper.

Tackle each task with a clear and focused mind and you will be amazed at how much better you feel once you get it all out! 


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