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The Stop Doing List

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Before we really get into the meat of this article I feel that it needs saying that so many of us create “to do” lists and very few people consider that they can just as easily stop doing things and still make drastic improvements.

If we thought for a moment about what we could stop doing today that would save us both time and energy it would allow us to focus on the things that we really need to get done!  So the watch phrase here is “Don’t Be Busy, Be Productive”

So for wants of a better title here is a suggested “Stop Doing” list

1)     Stop Procrastinating
Let us face it we could all probably qualify for a “Master’s Degree” in this subject.  It is very easy to put things off because we all think that there will be plenty of time to do it tomorrow.

So now it is time to stop putting it off and start doing it today. It does not have to be hard and it can prove to be a great benefit.  Why not remove the busyness from your day and replace it with productivity?

2)    Stop Comparing Your Life To Other People’s
Making these comparisons will never ever do you any good, nobody’s life will ever be that same as yours.  We are all on different paths through this life and we have to accept that. 

So start to live the life that is yours and live it with intention!

3)   Stop Being Impatient
Life is too short to be impatient.  So stop doing that right away.

4)   Stop taking your life for granted
It is so easy to take your life for granted with really realising what you are doing.  Everyone needs to understand that they are truly blessed, they have a family that encourages them.  So find at least one thing that you can be thankful for every single day.

5)   Stop biting off more than you can chew
I would suspect that you (as I was) are one of those people who have no understanding of what their limit is and will push themselves to exhausting levels  without knowing why.

If you know you limit you can turn anything down that is more than you can physically handle at the time.

If your life (or that of your family) is going to suffer in away way if you take on that project – stop and always put your health and your family first.

6)   Stop catering to others and forgetting about yourself
There really is nothing wrong with helping someone out, in fact it is something that everyone should do as and when the need arises BUT if you are doing so much helping others that your own responsibilities are suffering then it is time to put the brakes on. 

By all means help other people but do not forget to take care of everything that you need to get done.

7)    Do you feel guilty about taking time for yourself?
Some people fill their days with “stuff” to keep themselves busy.  They actually feel guilty about taking some “me time”.  My advice is take it because you need time for yourself, to nurture, to pamper and simply care for yourself.  Otherwise you will end up “exhausted” and an exhausted you is no good to anyone.

8)   Time spent on Social Media
How many times do you get “lost” on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and before your realise it an hour has gone by and you have not done anything productive. 

Limit your time on these pages and use a timer.  It will probably be difficult at first but you may well find that life starts to get better.  You do not really need to know that someone you met in the 1st year at school and only ever speak to once a year has had her 4th child

9)   Worrying about things you cannot do anything about
There are things that have a habit of keeping you awake at night even though you know that there is absolutely nothing you can do about them.  Learn to accept that there are things you cannot change in this life and therefore because you cannot change them, it makes no sense to worry about them.

And finally

10) Constantly Cleaning
There is no such thing as the “perfect house” and if there was would it be a great place to raise a happy and loving family?  I really don’t think it would!

I think it would be far better to put away the duster and the vacuum cleaner and go off on an adventure with the children.  If the house gets a little dirty in the process it really is not the end of the world!  Spending time with the children is a far more precious and valuable use of your time than worrying about a slightly  untidy house.


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