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The Morning Routine

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In order for your mornings to be both productive and peaceful you really need to build a proper morning routine into daily life.  It is a known fact that things you stick at become habits, so stick to a good routine and soon it will be as natural to you as any other habits you have developed

Here is a routine that I am testing at present:-

6am – wake up to alarm

6.10am – wash and shave

6.15am* – drink two glasses of water

6.20am* – stretch and meditate

6.45am - dress

7am – eat a proper nutritious breakfast
7.20am – coffee (first of the day)

8am – leave for work

(*times are approximate)

Stop Making Decisions

If you are anything like most people I know (myself included) you wake up and you feel “groggy”.  You are in no fit state to be taking important decision about your life or your morning.

Indecisiveness, therefore, is the problem.  It steals both time and energy, and you cannot make major decisions when you are not on top form.  So best leaving the decision making to the evening when you are functioning properly

Fresh Air Will Always Do You Good

Even if you don’t have time to go for a walk in the morning you can open a window and let the fresh air in while you enjoy your morning coffee, have a read or listen to a podcast etc.

Fresh air will help you wake your body and feel rejuvenated

Bring In The Sun

Daylight is a must!

There is no point in getting ready to face the day in the dark we need the sunshine and daylight to get ourselves into gear.

Exposing yourself to daylight in the morning sends a message to the brain that it is daytime and as such it is time to
focus, concentrate and begin the day

Eat Later

Allowing your body about 30 – 60 minutes before eating lets you wake up properly before eating.  Filling our bodies with food immediately often causes us to eat more than we need to. 

It is far better to drink water because we are actually quite dehydrated after a long sleep and that dehydration tricks us into thinking that we are being starved.

Wash Your Face

Splash cold water on your face (as cold as you can stand) – this shocks your system and helps you to wake up plus it has the added bonus is that it is refreshing

Avoid Watching TV

The news is often filled with negative events which will affect your levels of stress hormones and influence you mood. 

It is best to stay calm, relaxed and rested for as long as possible before your day begins, and it helps if you avoid unnecessary distractions (TV etc)

Avoid Having Coffee Straight Away

Far better to drink two glasses of water because your body has been dehydrating over the past 7 hours or so and it needs to become rehydrated

So Water First and Coffee Later

Have a Good Breakfast

Make sure that your breakfast is good and nutritious including good protein, fibre and fat.

Cereals and other sugary breakfasts are really only temporary solutions and their effects quickly wear off. 

Nutritional and filling are the watchwords because these will help balance you blood sugars and make you feel fuller longer

Avoid Social Media

Remember it is your morning, your life and this time is all about you.  This is the time you can begin to align yourself with your dreams.  Do not allow other people’s dramas to take over your life and distract you from your “me time”

Remember that social media feed is going to be there at lunchtime.

While talking about Social Media make it a point to only follow people who make you feel good about yourself and unfollow those who don’t

Fill you life with GOOD VIBRATIONS

Do Not Check Work Email

Nobody needs to grab your attention at 6am, least of all work!  Only check your work emails when you working day starts and not before.

I know that this one can be a struggle but be firm and stay away from work until you are at work.

Just Five More Minutes!

Snoozing is not good for you - it has been proven that hitting the snooze button for that extra 5 minutes actually makes you feel worse and more tired.

You will probably never feel like getting out of that warm bed and those 5 minutes will never make it any easier.  So don’t give you mind time to think about it just get up as soon as the alarm goes off.

It is a known fact that getting straight up will help you be more alert and better energises through the day.

I sincerely hope that you find this post both interesting and useful.  Like I said at the beginning I am testing this and thus far I am feeling more able to cope with the day’s issues, stresses and problems.

So long may it continue!

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Dave x


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