Thursday, 24 November 2016

The New Book............

Merrie Meet

Happy Thanksgiving to all our US friends!!

Hi everyone and thanks for joining me today as I am pleased to announce that the new book is finished and the final draft is being proof read now so hopefully tomorrow it will be sent to the printers.

The reason for the title, which may appear rather odd, is revealed inside.

The book is the latest collection of poetry that has erupted from the mind of yours truly  I am really hopeful that it will be with me before Yule so if you fancy getting a somewhat different present for someone please contact me and I will let you have all the information.

Now apart from that the only thing that I really have to say is that on top of this hill, overlooking the Bristol Channel it is damned COLD!!!

Right I had better start getting ready to head homewards.

Thank you very much for reading, if you want to make sure you stay in contact with me then you could

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b) drop an email to

So until the next time we speak, have a fantastic evening.

Love, Light to you all and

Blessed Be,

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