Friday, 18 November 2016

Bring Me The Horizon (Part 4)

Bring Me The Horizon (Part 4)

He placed the locket in her hand
He felt so weak he could not stand
And so on bended knee he said
Accept this gift, let us be wed

She opened up the locket fair
The sunlight glistened in her hair
Wide eyed, open mouthed in shock
Tears slid down onto her frock

''Tis beautiful" she softly gasped
As sunlight caught the wings at last
The quest is done I hold the prize
The tree tops kiss the sunlit sky

And in a month the pair did wed
The village buzzed and it was said
No fairer gift was ever bought
Than that horizon fairly caught.

That is  the final part of this journey.  To everyone who joined with me I say a massive thank you and I hope that it has been worth your time.

The whole piece will be going into my forthcoming book, scheduled for release in the New Year and called "Men, Monsters and Cornflakes"  The book contains some 34 poems from the marvelously mixed up mind that is temporarily on loan to me until such time as I shuffle off this mortal coil (something that I hope is a long way off - Goddess willing!)  The hard copies will be available direct from myself but there are also possibilities that the book will be available in electronic format at some future date.

So in the meantime please hit the follow button over on the right of the page and you can keep up to date with any developments.

Until the next time,

Love, Light and Blessed Be

DAve x

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