Wednesday, 15 November 2017

20 Facts About Me

(photo: Tom Teegan B.I.P.P)

I don’t normally do this sort of thing but since doing the 30 day challenge at the beginning of the year I spotted someone else had posted the 20 Facts challenge so I thought “what the hell, let’s just get on and do it!”

So here are 20 facts about me

    1.       I am not very tall. I stand about 5ft 4ins in my bare feet which is ok                   although it does get a bit embarrassing when my 15 year old grandson            is taller than I am.
2. I was born in Stoke on Trent which is probably the last town in Staffordshire before you cross the county boundary into “leafy, middle class”, Cheshire.
3.     According to my Dad, somewhere deep in the family archive there is a certificate authorising us to deal in scrap metal and old rags…..maybe that explains my love of mooching round scrap yards and second hand shops
4.     I am entitled to claim Australian Citizenship by Decent, because my mum was an Australian born to an Australian Father and a British mother
5.     I have been associated with the stage since a very early age and that association has continued throughout my life
6.     I am a published songwriter, author and poet
7        I studied music with the London College of Music
8       I failed my GCE Music
9       My first car was an Austin 1100 that cost me £80
10    I have been married since 1974
11      I have met and spoken with George Harrison, Ringo Starr, George Martin (the Beatles producer), David Essex and many more celebrities
12    I hold an Honours Diploma in Life Coaching
13    I hold a Diploma in Music Therapy
14    I recently qualified as a Reiki Master / Teacher
15    I have 2 adult daughters
16    I was introduced to Princess Margaret, by a Royal friend of mine
17     I love curries
18 I love travelling and am praying that my photo assignment of the wedding in South America actually happens
19    I have worked as a Press Photographer and a Freelancer
20  I held a competition Driving Licence for several years and I have a trophy for winning a 12-car motor rally event.

So there you have 20 facts about me.  Some of you will already know most of them but I suspect that the only person who knows all of them straight off won’t be someone who reads this blog.


About Dave   I am a coach; speaker; radio presenter and founder of The Blue Sky Company.  I am also a therapist and co-owner of a virtual light centre called The Crystal Spring.  My therapy work includes music therapy; crystal therapy and I recently qualified as a Reiki Master / Teacher and I am currently studying a Colour Therapy course,

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