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Words That People Who Lack Confidence Often Use

As part of my research for writing this post I came across a short piece that stood out and I felt that I needed to share it….

A famous comic tells this tale about his introduction to the world of Show Business.  He had won a small speaking part in a stage play based in biblical times.  He was assisting a high ranking soldier and when the soldier asked him “Is my sword ready?” he had to respond “It is”.

He rehearsed this response tirelessly and felt quite confident that he could deliver the line with meaning.  However, when it came to opening night the auditorium was full and he began to feel the nerves setting in.

Eventually his great moment arrived and the dialogue went as follows:-

Soldier: “Is my sword ready?”

The reply (in a loud and excited manner): “Is it?”

His stage career ended at that precise moment!

Words are very powerful and have great manifesting abilities.  If you often find yourself short of confidence examine what you say to see if these words form part of your regular speech patterns.

Likely – this is very similar to “might” but it has a higher likelihood of an event actually taking place.  It is neither positive nor negative but it still demonstrates uncertainty.

Quandary – you know the consequences of your choice, whichever one you make but you are uncertain of the impact as you move forwards.  It will take time to make a decision and when you do you must move onwards without looking back

Need – this is a stalling mechanism, a dream stopper.  Often you are setting up conditions (that regularly prove unnecessary) for being successful.  However, if you actually engage in an action instead of building these conditions you often discover that taking part is far more important that the result.  If you are not attached to the outcome or result you will find that you do not need much to begin.

Confused – if you have no idea of your objective then you cannot take the necessary steps to reach it.  So in order to move forwards and gain a clear understanding you only need to ask clear, direct questions and once you have the answers you can act accordingly coming from a place of clear understanding.

Worried – worry is a useless emotion because it stalls or your progress. It is made up of two components 1) thinking ahead 2) fearing negative outcomes.  I
f you do think ahead to some future event create positive images of you smiling, the firm handshake of that happy client, the audience applauding your performance BUT if you cannot visualise these scenarios then maintain your focus in the present. 

Impossible – use of this word combines the defeatist thinking of won’t (or will not) and the status quo of usually.  The passion used when saying the word impossible can be dangerous because the stronger the emphasis and feeling, the sooner the condition will become manifest. 

Continue to use impossible in your thinking and you will notice fewer positive events taking place and you could become fearful. To overcome using this word, change initially to “not possible” then to “may be possible” and finally to “Yes it can be done”

Suspect – this word brings with it a shadow of suspicion and can bring about fear in others.  The negative thinking patterns this engenders can bring about low morale, distrust and it will affect productivity and relationships.  Stop judging, accept news at face value and you will improve you inter-personal skills.

Usually – a status quo, an acceptance of things as they are.  They stay that way and that is an end to it. Imagine a door closing on finding new and better ways of doing things.  Sometimes the word usually is brought into a dialogue to justify laziness and inflexibility.  When you eradicate this word and substitute I will try another way, or I will take a chance on this person then a whole new world of possibility may become manifest AND your confidence will increase.

Won’t (or will not) – a defeatist word that assumes failure!  People tend to start using this word as a result of a couple of past negative experiences.  Once you take that stance that something won’t happen then invariably that is what happens.  Changing your thinking to “this could work” or “I think we can do that” will help you become a more positive thinking person

Might – this is a word that shows lack of intention or direction.  Using might can often result in tasks being left undone.  Be bold and eliminate might from your vocabulary and replace it with yes, no or maybe (but aim to make a decision of yes or no as soon as possible and then communicate that decision to others).



So as we reach the end of this week’s post I would like to thank you sincerely for taking the time to read the words.  I hope that you will find them useful as you move forwards in your daily life.

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