Tuesday, 20 March 2018

A Special Post

Hi and welcome to this special post

(Image courtesy of Wytchwynd Photography)

Today I am now able to show you a film I was involved with recently.  Initially I was approached by the Director - Rory Greener and invited to contribute various items to this project an offer to which I readily agreed.

I was asked if I would be kind enough to allow the opening track of my album Somerset Story to be used as a scene setter for his forthcoming film "Tor"

He also asked me if I would be prepared to appear in the film and to be interviewed on camera about my associations with Glastonbury and explain how it has had an influence upon my life in the years after the first encounter with the place.

Having agreed to both of Rory's requests imagine my pleasure when a third request was made - to read one of the pieces of poetry I have written.  There was one stipulation and that was that the piece had to have been inspired by or connected with Glastonbury.

The date was confirmed and the travel plans made.  When I arrived in Glastonbury it was a dry, very windy day but there had been several days of very heavy rainfall and that made conditions very slippery under foot.  I was happy to go up as far as the first bench to film the first section but once we were there the crew were slipping and sliding so much on the wet grass that there were concerns about safety.  As a result it was decided to film all my pieces to camera there.

Tor from Rory Greener on Vimeo.

Once the filming was done we descended the slopes and I did one final piece to camera near the White Spring.

In the end (sadly for me) the music was not used but I feel that the film works well and at least I did get to read a piece of poetry from my up-coming collection "Tales of The Great Unicorn"

I sincerely hope that you enjoyed watching this video as much as I enjoyed being a part of it.  I would like to express my thanks to everyone involved in the making of this video and wish them every success in wherever the film takes them. 


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