Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The Qualities We Admire In Other People…….

Do you often find yourself watching other people and thinking I wish I could be like him or her, he (or she) is so good at ………………… (fill in the blank)?

Well in all honesty the answer is that you already are!

Hi I’m Dave Baxter and welcome to the Under Blue Skies blog page.

It has suddenly become apparent to me as a result of the work I have been doing on myself that whatever traits or qualities we admire in other people we already possess in ourselves.  That is why whatever it is they are doing resonates with us. 

Be it music, poetry, film, looking after the elderly or the very young – when we always admire the things other people do we are doing so because those things are part of our own make up.

When I was thinking about this post I was looking at my relationships with other people and trying to see what qualities we shared that I could use as examples to illustrate the topic and one of the things that surfaced was that I have always been attracted to the colour purple and surprising though it may seem my closest friends are all lovers of purple.

However it does not stop there I have been working on a new vision board (created on canvas) and using coloured marker pens.  The startling thing as I looked at this was that all of the things that are dearest to me and my biggest ambitions were written in purple.

My mission statement – written in purple
The car I most want in the world – written in purple
Things to do with my music and therapy work – written in purple
My favourite holiday destination – written in purple
Important projects I am working on – written in purple

The next most popular items were written in royal blue

I had no pre - conceived plan that this should be the case, but all of these projects featured qualities that the “purple” and “blue” people held.

So my thinking is that there has to be a link with the qualities that I admire in people who are my friends / associates and the colours that I chose to represent those projects are all things that we share.

I know it may seem at first glance to be a very tenous link but why have I chosen people who like purple, to work with me on projects that are dear to me and that I had written on my vision board in purple?

Oh and by the way – my drinks coasters are purple or have purple in them, the mouse mat on my desk is Royal Blue my mouse mat on my desk is Royal Blue my corner unit is blue, my carpet is dark blue, the door is blue and the window frames are blue.

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