Wednesday, 13 May 2020

The Big Challenge

This week I want to talk about motivating yourself towards (and giving yourself) the best chance of achieving things you want.  

The starting point for this to happen is having the confidence to set goals 

Once your goals are set, then next step is to take the necessary actions to reach a successful outcome.

On a personal level I have been setting goals for many years and during that time I have learned a very important lesson.

It might seem obvious to some of you but there are a lot of people who don't realise that it is very simple and is in fact staring them in the face and they really don't see it. 

Once you see it I feel pretty certain that you will find it hard to believe that so many people actually miss it.

The thing that they miss is that once you have your sights set on your goal, you need to take action, and if your goal is a massive goal, then you will need to take MASSIVE action.  These actions HAVE to be things that actually move you in the direction of your goals ( or hitting that target)

Let me give you a simple scenario to help explain my point still further:-

Suppose that you want to hit the "Bulls Eye" "The Main Spot" "The Bull" as your goal for the day.

If you don't take action and fire an arrow at the target then you will stand absolutely zero chance of hitting the "Bulls Eye" so your hopes of reaching your goals will go down the proverbial "Swanee River"

I know that is a very simple illustration of my point but you HAVE TO TAKE ACTION in the direction of your goal otherwise you stand no chance of hitting it and therefore your goal will just evaporate.

So what can you do about it?

There is a very clear and useful method that can be used to ensure that your goal stands the best possible chance of reached, and that method is the use of SMART goals.

SMART is an abbreviation that stands for

Specific / Measurable / Achievable / Relevant / Time Bound

Now let us drill down into what each of these points means

Specific - the goal is clearly defined for example "I want to be a radio presenter" might not cut it but "I intend to be a presenter with my own rock music show on local radio 3 nights a week" would be so much better

Measurable - The effectiveness of your work towards you goal can be measured by how many attempts you make, applications you complete, calls you make, auditions you perform

Achievable - You have the ability / skill to do the job and that if you need to train you do that successfully within the relevant time period

Relevant - Your goal should align with your personal values and long term objectives

Time Bound - You set an end date the is realistically achievable but sufficiently tight to encourage you to be motivated to achieve it

So to conclude Smart Goals set out the boundaries and clearly identify the steps you will need to take to get there.  Their purpose is to help you reach your destination (your goal) efficiently and effectively and within an appropriate amount of time.


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