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It's All A Question Of Balance

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It’s All A Question Of Balance

As human beings we need to lead balanced lives if we are to get the best out of our time on earth and as the Moody Blues say “just open you eyes and realise the way it has always been”  

Yin does not exist without the Yang, Male does not exist without the Female, Day does not exist without Night nor does light exist without dark.

So here we have several tips that will help us all keep ourselves in balance as we move on our journey through this thing we know as life on earth.

Are you spending too much? Most people do! Take a good look at your monthly outgoings and trim where you can. But, don’t be so cheap that you’re cutting out birthday gifts or being rude at occasions. Remember, we are cannot take our money with us!

This is not always easy and even the best of us work too much and many times we don’t stop and smell the roses. Unfortunately, and not wishing to be morbid, time is a limited resource. Seek balance! 

No breakfast and a big dinner – that’s the way a lot of people eat and the opposite is usually a lot better for you! A big breakfast and a small dinner provides a much better balance for most of us. 

Cheque Book
Small deliberate actions really do add up (pardon the pun) when it comes to mastering your personal finances. Does your cheque book match what your bank account says? 

Make certain that your children are balanced people and that they give and take, study and enjoy, watch TV and read. 

Are you eating too many carbohydrates and not enough healthy fats, or conversely too much fat and not enough carbohydrates? There is really nothing wrong with a little junk food once in a while, but there is definitely something wrong with junk food all the time. 

Your Net Worth
This is your financial balance sheet: Your Assets – Your Liabilities = Your Net Worth
The formula always balances out, but it should be calculated from time to time. Ideally, you should see an increase in your net worth each year. 

Do your friends drain you? Do you drain them? Good friendships are balanced, thought provoking, informative, enjoyable and often a little challenging. 

The Tyres On Your Car!
Far too many people miss this one! It can save you many, many Pounds (or your normal currency) in fuel over the course of your life and make you a quite a lot safer on the roads as well. 

Should not be too hard and impossible, but they should be challenging enough to excite and stretch you. 

Education and Action
Too much action without education can lead to major mistakes and pitfalls. Not enough action on things we learn can be lost education. You either use it, or lose it, when it comes to education. 

Positives and Negatives
Too much positive feedback can kill us, we need some negative feedback too (constructive analysis/criticism). If you are not getting negative feedback, ask more people to critique your work. 

a healthy balance between shares, stocks and bonds, and then re-balancing as you age is a must for meeting your life long financial goals. 

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