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The Glass Ceiling Effect

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The Glass Ceiling Effect

The term "The Glass Ceiling" is often used to describe a situation that applies to women in the workplace.

It is argued that women progress along their career path until they reach a specific point and then suddenly they reach a stop and no matter what they do in an attempt to move higher, they can go no farther, it seems that the point where their career development ceases has been reached.

In 2000 (at the age of 51), Lorraine Heggessey, became the first female controller of BBC1.  At the time of writing the original version of this article she was the Chief Executive of TalkbackTHAMES, one of the United Kingdom's largest TV production companies. Lorraine who lived in West London with her husband and two teenage daughters is quoted as saying:

"Yes - the glass ceiling does exist. But my advice is this: it's a transparent construct, so look through it and act as though it's not there".

Ruth Badger, 30, was the runner-up on the second series of “The Apprentice”. Helped turn failing companies into successes on Sky One's “Badger Or Bust”, and at the time of writing the original piece (in 2010) had her own consultancy firm based in Didsbury, Manchester, where she lives. She said

"No one could put a ceiling above me that I wouldn't smash through. Successful women don't acknowledge barriers, whether you believe they exist for other women".

I believe that it is easy to see The Glass Ceiling Effect at work in our own lives, and I also feel that all too often we put it there ourselves.   We repeatedly fail to realise that it is but a creation of our own making.

For example - How many times have you decided that you want something, you can see it, you can almost touch it, but no matter how hard you seem to try you cannot quite reach out and grab it?

Finally after several failed attempts you give up.... The Glass Ceiling has triumphed and as a result you tell yourself that it is not going to happen, that you are destined not to have the thing that you seek.

I believe that to think in this way does you absolutely no favours!

Therefore I feel justified in saying to any client of mine who presents this situation . ”If you want something enough it will not matter how many false starts you make or how many times you hit The Glass Ceiling

You will need to return to the beginning and look at a different way to approach the situation.....(a cautionary note here - if you go back to the beginning and repeat past actions then guess what? You WILL hit the ceiling again!)”

It is important to recognise that changes will happen.  Such changes are inevitable - we all get older, our hair often turns grey etc.  We cannot stop these things from happening but to really alter things in our lives we must make PROGRESS.

Therefore, progress comes from understanding (and actually knowing) that if doing a certain thing has not given  the expected result then we must learn from it and move on to the next attempt and if that does not work then we must keep moving onwards until we do get to our desired result.

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