Wednesday, 1 March 2017

25 Things An Adult Can't Do (but a child can!)

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I hope that you are having a great week.   I know that I really had a fantastic time exploring Stamford over the weekend, catching up with old friends and making new ones.  Those connections are always important and I would like to thank you for making a connection and joining me on this page. 

I decided that today I wanted to write something that was slightly less serious than recent posts and so I scouted round for something that fell quite nicely into that category.  So after a couple of hours of research here is the list I compiled :-

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25 Things An Adult Can’t Do (but a child can!)

1                 Ride on a child’s tricycle
2                 Pay half price at the pictures
3                 Throw food that has been served onto the floor
4                 Tell a stranger they are fat
5                 Kick the back of the seat of the person in front, time after time
6                 Announce an emotion as soon as you feel it
7                 Kiss everyone with an open mouth
8                 Climb into small spaces and hide
9                 Throw tantrums
10              Get picked up when you are tired of walking
11              Sleep when you want to
12              Get naked and not be embarrassed
13              Take what you want
14              Spit out food if you don’t like it
15              Question everything
16              Wear pyjamas all day
17              Laugh at body noises
18              Never apologise
19              Sing however you want
20              Correct everyone even if you are wrong
21              Ride in supermarket trollies
22              Stop anything you are doing to look at what you have just seen
23              Ask someone to be your friend
24              Get paid for losing teeth
25              Talk to imaginary friends

If this has made you think about how you act, or if it has prompted any questions, then please feel free to add them as a comment in the box below or to email me:-

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