Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Moving Forwards.................

Hi and good morning

Those of you that follow me on other Social Media platforms may well have heard that there are probable changes under way in the not too distant future.

These changes have been initiated by a couple of factors namely

a) the ongoing success of this blog
b) the direction in which it is moving
c) the desire for even greater connections
d) more alignment with the other elements of my business

So as a result several things have already begun to take place

I am right in the middle of something called the 30 Day Challenge - purpose of which is to create and publish (on Facebook) 30 videos about me as a person, the work that I do etc etc.  Things that in general people would not know unless they know me very well.

So far this challenge has been fun, revealing and thought provoking.

We have covered a lot of coaching issues, personal success, personal tragedy, the establishing of the business (warts and all)

And already one of the outcomes was to make me realise that I had moved off at a tangent from my original goal when I established Altered Image Life Coaching all those years ago and that I wanted to get back to that original goal

So how does that affect what is happening today?  The answer is "in several ways"

Already this morning, I have been contacted by someone quite out of the blue - someone that I have not spoken to about my ideas, someone who has not been watching the videos but who suddenly said and I quote

"I feel that I need some Tuesday motivation - I have been so stressed, I have been arguing with my boyfriend, I feel distant from my friends, feel like I have let myself go and I want to get myself back to feeling happy but I don't know how to"

The first thing that I am proposing is to change the name of this blog to align it with the name of the coaching business as it is now set up.

Secondly I will be setting up a facebook community (a tribe) with the same name and people will be able to join, post, ask questions etc.

So the new name for the blog is going to be   ta da da dah


So during the coming weeks you will see these changes start to take effect  as I begin to move things across to the new identity.

Please feel free to comment below and also if you are interested I will be running a Q + A session on day 28 / 29 of the 30 day challenge so please email any questions that you might have to

or tweet them to 

So until the next time we speak I will wish you the best things that life can give and ask you to remember

Don't predict the future - CREATE IT!

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