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7 Core Principles of Innovation

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About 2 years or so ago I compiled this piece out of several articles that I had read around the time.  As I was reading through it again I realised that the points I made then are just as relevant today.  So I decided to share them and I hope that you will enjoy reading about the

7 Core Principles of Innovation

Innovation and creativity must be encouraged and nurtured if we are to climb out of this part of our history that is classed as a Global Recession.

There are 7 core principles that can be used to help you stand out from the rest. Using these 7 principles can help you to think differently and re-invent your product, your service, your company and even yourself.

So let us take a look at these 7 principles and see how we are able to make use of them in our lives.

Core Principle 1 – Do What You Love!

This is another way of saying “follow your passion” because if you love doing something it feels easy to you, time passes quickly and you get lots done.  However, you will also need to add into that guts and determination if you are going to successfully follow your heart and your intuition.

Once you find something that you are passionate about the odds for success become stacked in your favour.  If you add to that passion a large chunk of perseverance, the two will go hand in hand towards your success.

However, if you have lots of passion and no perseverance or you are filled with perseverance but without the necessary passion, you will give up and your project will end up on the cutting room floor.

Core Principle 2 – Make a Hole in the Whole

By being a visionary you will attract other visionaries to you, people who see what you see and who can assist you in turning your ideas into earth shattering innovations.

If you have a vision, you have an extremely powerful piece of “kit in your arsenal” to help move your brand forwards. 

All the world's inspiring visions share the same 4 basic principles

·– bold
·- specific
·- concise
·- consistently communicated

Innovation moves society forwards but this does not happen without someone having a bold vision.

Ask yourself what is your particular vision – for your career, your company, your products etc.

You need to follow your passion as I indicated in Core Principle 1 by doing all the things that you are passionate about BUT if we make an analogy to a space rocket – your passion will provide the fuel for the motors while you vision will provide the guidance systems.

Core Principle 3 – Put Your Brain In Gear

Innovative ideas are born out of creativity – one possible definition of creativity it that of connecting things. 

There is a belief that a broad set of experiences expand our understanding of being human, extending from this thinking it follows that the wider the field of understanding the greater the chance of breakthroughs happening that others may have missed.

The technique of breakthrough innovation needs and requires creativity and creativity requires that you think differently about the way you think.

Scientists have determined that innovators think differently to the rest of society but that they use a technique that is readily available to each and every one of us – they seek out different and varied experiences.

Look outside of your own niche for inspiration.  Have as many new experiences as possible and remove the ropes and chains that bind you to your old and past experiences.

Core Principle 4 – Dreams Not Products

Don’t rely on focus groups  “avoid most focus groups like the plague,” says technical analyst Rob Enderle. “It comes down to the very real fact that most customers don’t know what they want in a new product.”

You can always “listen” to your customers and ask them for feedback but don't ever ask them what they want.  However you can never go out and directly ask people ‘What’s the next big thing?’

There’s a great quote by Henry Ford. He said, “If I’d have asked my customers what they wanted, they would have told me ‘A faster horse.’”

So let me now ask you a question:-

How do you see your customers?

If you devise ways to help them unleash their inner genius, you will undoubtedly win over their hearts and minds.

Here is a harsh fact that most people do not recognise - Nobody cares about your company or product!  They care about themselves, their dreams, and their goals. Help them achieve their aspirations, and you will win them over.

Core Priniciple 5 – Don't Be Afraid To Say No!

The late Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computing  is quoted as saying  “the secret to innovation is “saying no to 1,000 things.”

Put another way be as proud of what you or your business does not do as you are about what you do choose to pursue.

Your customers demand simplicity, and simplicity requires that you eliminate anything that clutters the user experience — whether in product design, website navigation, marketing and advertising materials, or presentation slides. Say “no” more often than “yes.”

This advice applies to your career and personal life as well.

The lesson - don’t spread yourself too thin!

Find the career that intersects your passion, skill, and has the ability to make money whilst you are doing it.

Then once you find it, focus on it, work at it, and dedicate yourself to pursuing excellence in that area.

Say “no” to anything that will distract you from pursuing that career.

If you are looking for work or you are frustrated with your current job, there will be plenty of friends, families, and colleagues who offer unsolicited advice on what’s best for you.  Filter out the ideas that might derail you from the career that best matches your strengths and passion.  Then, when you find your target, pursue it with a single-minded sense of purpose.

Core Principle 6 – Create Great Experiences

By introducing simple innovations any business can adopt to create deeper, more emotional connections with their customers.  For example, there are no cashiers in an Apple store. There are experts, consultants, even geniuses, but no cashiers.

According to Steve Jobs, “People don’t want to just buy personal computers anymore. They want to know what they can do with them, and we’re going to show people exactly that.”

Attract shoppers, not by moving boxes, but by “enriching lives.”  

In the example of Apple they offer customers a concierge-like experience, much like a customer would receive in an elegant hotel. The lesson here being - don’t move the “product.” enrich lives instead and then watch your sales soar.

Carefully review each “customer touch point” with your brand, and take the opportunity to create more meaningful relationships with your consumers.  Look outside your company for ideas on how to stand out from your competitors.

Above all, have fun and engender passion amongst your team. . Passion is contagious. If your employees are not having fun, your customers will not be, either.

Core Principle 7 – Master The Message

You can have the most innovative idea in the world, but if you can’t get people excited about it, it doesn’t matter.  For every idea that turns into a successful innovation, there are thousands of ideas that never gain traction.  This happens because the people behind those ideas failed to tell a compelling story.

You are being judged to a large degree on your ability to communicate what you do. The big difference between extraordinary communicators and the average leader is that they use presentations to complement the message.  The speaker is the storyteller; PowerPoint
Slides or similar visual aids generally serve as a backdrop to the story.

To give the ultimate in presentations, you must learn to avoid bullet points and to think visually about bringing a story to life.

As a footnote to the above ask yourself this question “What Would Hitchcock Do?

In a documentary on the making of the film Jaws, Steven Spielberg said that he was forced to improvise when the mechanical shark failed. He asked himself that very question, “What Would Hitchcock Do?”  and when his answer came back it was quite simply:

Hitchcock would never show the shark.

So that brings us to the end of this week’s post, I really hope that you have found it useful
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