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Thoughts About Self Love & How To Practice It

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Over the years I have made many mistakes and taken numerous turnings on the road we call life.  I made choices that I believed were right at the time, but the long term effect was that they were not the best decisions I could have made.

During those years I got into experimentation with mind altering substances; I committed acts that I am not proud of,; I got into financial difficulties and lost a couple of houses. and I left the person that I love the most in the world while she was expecting our first baby.

I am not proud to have all those things in my past, and over time I have tried several ways and attempts to “write the wrongs”

However, I have now come to understand that all the decisions I have made in my life have mafe me who I am today.

I have tried to emulate other people that I viewed as being successful or having life “sussed” but I have always fallen short of the mark so to speak.  Sometimes my life has felt as it I was trying to swim through custard!

However, all of that being said, I have recently made some significant changes and as a result of this, things are happening that I have previously only ever dreamed about.

I discovered that probably one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is “Self Love”.  After all, if you can’t love yourself then how on earth can you expect other people to love you?

So I think that now is a good time to look at a few of the ways that we both personally and as a global community can practice and benefit from Self Love.

Self love brings with it a number of things - the 4 main ones being Self Worth; Self Respect; Self Forgiveness and last but by no means least Self Confidence.

So here is a short challenge for you

Make a list of all the things you love about yourself

This is important because you have to acknowledge yourself, and love yourself, before you can truly give love back to other people

Having made the above list now you also need to make a list of your flaws. 

Making these two lists helps you to embrace everything about yourself.  Remember, nobody is perfect and the flaws that you have listed are part of what makes you who you are

DO NOT JUDGE YOURSELF FOR HAVING THOSE FLAWS instead, declare to the universe and to yourself something like this:-

“Despite all of my faults and flaws I love and respect myself all of the time”

Work on your self care – ask yourself what you need to do to feel your best every day and write down your answers. 

What will make you feel good about yourself all the time?

Stop making comparisons between yourself and other people because you are on your own path through this life.

Whatever he or she does is their choice!

Learn to understand that life is not a competition, there is sufficient room on this earth for all of us.

Keep a self love / gratitude journal every day.

And finally

Compose your own personal affirmation that is designed to make you feel powerful.  Make it a “must” to repeat this phrase every day without fail.

For example

“I am a child of the Universe and a being of ultimate love.  Therefore, I choose to love and respect myself today and every day!”


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