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10 Things I Am Grateful For

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Hi and welcome to the Under Blue Skies blog.  If you have been following for some time you will know that I try to publish pieces that I believe will have some relevance to people’s everyday life

So continuing in that vein today’s post is slightly more personal although, I believe, still relevant and in line with my aims.  Today I a going to share with you a list of 10 of the things that I am grateful for in my life, together with the reasons why that is so.

Gratitude is fundamental to our well being and the practice of gratitutd opens the door to allow more things to come into our lives.

So here are some of the things I am grateful for:-

The love of my wife
How many times do your hear those immortal words “you take me for granted” spoken by your partner?  I used to hear them regularly, every time we had a row, but then I stopped and considered why she was saying it- and do you know what?  I realised that yes I did take her for granted.  Once I realised this and put things in place to show her that I did not then the change in our relationship was amazing.  I never take for granted that she loves me now, I work much harder to prove to her that I am worthy of her love

The Roof Over Our Heads
All too easily the house in which we live could be lost!  Over the years we have been through repossessions sometimes because of our financial mismanagement and once because of the horrendous economic circumstances in the UK with interest rates rising far quicker than income.  So I am always grateful for the roof over our heads

The Food On Our Table
Having seen poverty of varying degrees during my travels around our planet I find it sickening that in the 21st century people can be starving, when we live in a land of abundance and where there pervades an attitude of “it doesn’t matter because we can just go to the supermarket and get some more!”

Good Friends
Those people that you know you can turn to in times of trouble and hardship.  The friends who will stand by you through everything, the good times and the bad, they are the people who you should treasure the most and to whom you should give more than you get and never expect anything from.

My Health
All too many people abuse their bodies, either with alcohol, drugs overeating and lack of exercise.  They fail to understand that whatever toxins you put into your body will have an effect on your health.  I appreciate that I am one of the lucky people who rarely has anything wrong with them and maybe that is as a result of not drinking or smoking although I am still somewhat over weight and less fit than I really should be.  So this one is a work in progress.

My Daughters, My Spirit Son and My Grandchildren
I am full of gratitude that Alison and I have been privileged to have two wonderful daughters, a son who did not go to term during Alison’s pregnancy and two fantastic grandchildren…..and John (wherever you are please know that Mum and I love you as much as we love your sisters)

Life By The Sea
It is my firm belief that I came to live by the sea in North Devon because I have work to do here.  As many of you will know I follow a pagan path and because of that living close to the water was and is important to me.  It helps to keep me focused, it is relaxing (most of the time) and allows me to be close to the planet and her energies

My Artisitc Skills
I am grateful for being given musical talents and for the fact that I can express myself through my music and the poetry and song lyrics that I am inspired to write.  I can often express my inner most feelings through the words that I write.

As a photographer I also find that element of creative expression and working on a photo shoot never seems like work.

Being Someone That People Can Confide In
It is a wonderful thing to have someone approach you and open up their inner feelings to you.  It is a great privilege to be allowed into their deepest centre, to be afforded the role of “Keeper of Secrets” is a huge honour and one that I will always keep sacred.

And finally

Being Alive
I am grateful for every breath that I take.  I (like everyone else on this planet) have no idea how long my allotted time here on earth is.   However it is my belief that I will continue to work to serve other people (using my talents and skills) for as long as I can.


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