Friday, 1 December 2017

Vision Board

Hi everybody, for the first time in a couple of years I have had the feeling that there are big changes on the horizon and that an important step in working towards making those changes was to create a new vision board.
In addition to this I have felt for a few weeks that although I had been journaling for some time it did not feel that it was quite right.

So because of this I decided that I would do a little bit of research and find out how to do it properly.  and as a result of this research I was directed to an app called DayOne (no rewards for that bit of gratuitous promotion) and having downloaded it onto my phone I was surprised how easy it was to jot down my thoughts and feelings.  It also allows you to add photos so guess where the first place I put my new vision board was?

My vision board also sits proudly as the home screen on my laptop and as the lock screen on my i-pad so it is always on view.

So, creating a vision board is a simple process but one which can help you steer your course through the coming months and to keep on track.

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So have you created yours yet?


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And above all

Don't Predict The Future - CREATE IT!

DAve x

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