Wednesday, 18 April 2018

20 Myths About Life in the 21st Century

I decided that for this post I wanted to find at least 20 examples of the myths that circulate around society and which amount to misinformation about life in the 21st Century.

So let me take a look at some of the common myths that exist in our lives today

1.      The ideal image of beauty
There is an institutional pressure placed on women to conform to an ideal image of beauty that is impossible to attain.  This pressure is a modern day form of oppression and that in and of itself undermines the equality of the
sexes (a)

2.     Privacy is a 21st Century myth
We have only to look at the fact that the majority of people have a phone; driving licences; Social Security or National Insurance numbers; Credit Cards; Twitter; Facebook; Instagram; or take part in online shopping (b)

Regarding Happiness (c)

3.     Happiness is measured by you purchasing power

4.     Happiness is dependent upon how much “stuff” you  accumulate

5.     Happiness has to be earned

6.     Happiness is the achievement of your dreams and desires

7.      Happiness is always in the future

8.     Happiness is only possible if everything is perfect

9.     Happiness is dependent upon other people

Regarding The Elderly (d)

10.   Older people do not connect online

11.    Getting older means that you lose your independence

12.   Older people lead boring lives

Regarding Being A Fashion Student (e)

13.  Fashion students always wear heels

14.  Fashion people don’t eat

15.  No one likes anyone

16.  Fashion courses are really easy

17.   We're always shopping and we make our own clothes

Regarding Culture (f)

18.  The more we create one culture, the better
Cultural change: leaders and managers need to build cross-cultural leadership 

19.  It all starts with changing people’s thinking
It is wrong to believe we can talk people into a different way of thinking. Our thinking changes as soon as we experience or understand things differently.

20.We make desired behaviour visible by focusing on success
These are moments where people are often pushed outside their comfort zones, and these moments are great opportunities to change people’s actions

So as this post draws to a close, I sincerely hope that you are able to see that life in the 21st Century contains a number of myths and that we need to keep ourselves aware that not everything is always as straightforward as it appears at first look.


(a) Naomi Wolf

(b) No place for aging myths in the 21st Century – Huffington Post



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