Wednesday, 11 April 2018

A Changing World

Hi and welcome to a changing world

I thought that this week I would give you an insight into some of the exciting developments and changes that are currently taking place within my business.
So firstly let me give you a basic overview of the various facets of the business and then (in the second part) move forwards into how the restructuring is envisaged.

Moonshadow Media Productions

This section of the business is responsible for handling all of the creative aspects of my work including:-

Cauldron FM – the pagan broadcast service (see podcast section below)
Coaching Radio – programming with a personal development slant (see podcast section below)
Capstone Radio – local interest broadcasting – this is facing an uncertain future because no new programming is taking place at present.  Whilst I would like to keep it active I fear that there may come a time when it ceases to be,
Ilfracombe TV – a local information service that is soon to morph into Awakened TV which will be developing into areas of holistic programming whilst retaining that “local feel”
Wytchwynd Photography – exactly what it says.  This aspect of the business has grown over the years from its roots in advertising and press work (with particular emphasis on automotive, marine and live music).
Westworld Artist Management – works with bands and solo artists with a brief to help and guide them through their chosen career. 

Now moving forward to look at the restructuring of the business

The Blue Sky Company

This aspect of the business will continue to look after the therapy, coaching and personal development side of the business and incorporates my work within the following areas:-

Reiki – qualified as a Reiki Master / Teacher
Crystal Therapy - Diploma
Music Therapy – Diploma
Life Coaching – Honours Diploma in Coaching and member of Associated Stress Consultants
Mindfulness (currently studying for Masters qualification)
Colour Therapy (currently working towards a Diploma)

In addition

I am involved in a “work in progress” venture currently styled as “The Wheel Project” the purpose of which is to create and develop life skills and a life long learning experience for children, young adults and adults who have expressed a need (or desire) to partake in additional learning or who, for whatever reason, might have been excluded from main stream education.

Moonshadow Media

Will continue to handle all of the creative media content that I create including:-

Blogs, Books, CDs etc. Under Blue Skies / Wytchwynd Photography / A Little Bit of Magick are the 3 blogs that I compile that cater to various different readerships.

Books, and other creative written work will also come into this category

Podcasts – we have recently created 2 podcast services and we are in the process of migrating some of our material to these channels

Under Blue Skies – covering lifestyle techniques and skills,
in-depth interviews with complementary practitioners and now we are adding all the previous broadcasts from Coaching Radio

CauldronFM – a complete one- stop site for all of the pagan orientated radio shows we have created since those very first tentative steps in 2010.

Wytchwynd Photography will remain unchanged but there will be a full review of the website.

So as you may appreciate there is a lot of change going on and I am working hard to consolidate and ultimately create a more streamlined business that brings knowledge, techniques and hopefully entertainment to all our subscribers and services that I hope will be of interest to many people.

To provide an analogy many years ago there were local government plans to create “New Towns” and these developments swallowed up all the smaller villages in the surrounding areas.

I for one could never understand why this had to be but now many years later, those towns have taken on their own lives and are thriving.  It is that knowledge and way of thinking that is bringing about the changes that I have outlined above.


About Dave   I am a coach; speaker; radio presenter and founder of The Blue Sky Company.  I am also a therapist and co-owner of a virtual light centre called The Crystal Spring.  My therapy work includes music therapy; crystal therapy and I am also qualified as a Reiki Master / Teacher and I am currently studying a Colour Therapy course, and undertaking a Practitioner + Master’s training in Mindfulness.

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Wytchwynd Photography


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Have a fantastic day, live a life of Passion and Power.

And above all

Don't Predict The Future - CREATE IT!

DAve x

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This project is nearing completion and once the final edits are done it is going to print.  

I have opened up a pre - order list so if you would like to put your name down for a copy to be sent out to you as soon as I receive them please drop me an email.  The early bird price is set at £7.50 as opposed to the normal price which is probably going to be £9.50 

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