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8 Different Views of Life

Hi and welcome to the latest post from Under Blue Skies.  This week I have been on the receiving end of a lot of communication from various sources and I was prompted to do a little bit of research to determine how people who shared certain characteristics could be grouped together.  During that research I stumbled across this piece.

The piece was a part of a study paper on Spiral Dynamics and the author is unknown to me so sadly I cannot add a credit. (if anyone recognises the work then please let me know in order that I may give the author a proper credit)

So the characteristics are assigned a colour and in no particular order they are as follows:-

BEIGE  Instinctive/Survival “Life is survival”
Very limited self-awareness, relies on instincts and habits to survive. Motivated by food, water, warmth, sex, and safety. Group together to survive

ORANGE Achievist/Strategic “Life is what we have and own”.
Motivated by risk-taking, competition, status and image Self-reliant people deserve success. Societies prosper through strategy, technology, and competitiveness Earth's resources should be used to create and spread the abundant good life

GREEN Communitarian / Egalitarian “Life is community and precious”
Motivated to free society from greed, dogma, selfishness and divisiveness, need to prioritise feelings, sensitivity and caring.
Earth’s resources are limited and precious, thus should be shared equally among everyone.
All decisions should be made through reconciliation and consensus processes.

YELLOW Integrative 'Life is learning and continual change'
Motivated to learn and understand the complex it is of life. Material possessions become far less important to the magnificence of learning and life. Flexibility and functionality in the long term, becomes the highest priority. Weaknesses and differences are expected and integrated into interdependence, development and the big picture Chaos and change are expected, natural and appreciated as part of human evolution.

TURQUOISE Holistic - 'Life is an evolving interactive whole”
Motivated to help everything connect together into a single, dynamic organism with its own collective mind
Self is both distinct and a blended part of a larger compassionate whole.
Holistic, intuitive thinking and co-operative actions are to be expected

BLUE Purposeful / Authoritarian “life is Gods Will and Law”
Sacrifices self to the “Cause, Truth or Pathway”
Motivated by following constitutions, commandments, laws or codes based on absolute principle
Believe following the principles produces a good society now and reward will be in the future
Impulsivity is controlled through guilt, “common sense” rules behaviour
Children should be educated to follow rules, conform and conserve the system

RED Impulsive / Egocentric “Life is a battleground”
Motivated to please self, very selfish
Expects everything
Appreciates almost nothing
Demands (not earn) attention and respect
Wants everything right now
Feels no guilt or remorse, keen to beat, conquer, out-fox and dominate others

PURPLE Magical / Animistic “Life is in the lap of the Gods”
Motivated by strong allegiance to chief, elders, ancestors and the individual subsumed in group
Believes in the spiritual and mystical.  Sacred objects, places, events, rites and customs esssential

So how closely do you associated with the descriptions – do you favour any particular colour and is that akin to your characteristics?

Please let me know your results in the comments section.


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