Wednesday, 2 January 2019

7 Top Tips To Make Personal Progress

So we have said goodbye to 2018 and are starting afresh in 2019.  I hope that your festive season went well and without any hitches.  So let us begin this New Year with a few tips about making progress in my 7 Top Tips To Make Personal Progress.

Tip #1 Take Action Every Day – if like me you have made a list of goals, for the New Year, then it is important to take some sort of action every day in the direction of those goals.  At the end of each month you can review all the actions you have taken so that you will be able to see what is working and adjust anything that is not working for you.

Tip #2 Slay Your Dragon First – it is possible that there are going to be things about this new direction you have chosen that you will not like doing.  So my advice would be to set an intention that you are going to do these things first and then you can move on to doing those things that you do like to do.

Tip #3 Delayed Gratification – as a natural follow on from Tip 2 we humans actually possess an inbuilt ability to delay gratification, so why not utilise that “skill” on a daily basis?  It means that you have always got the pleasurable things to look forward to.

Tip #4 Beware the “Nay Sayers” – these are your goals, you have chosen to set them for your own personal improvement. It is quite possible that other people will try to stop you achieving them.  Be on your guard and do not let these other people talk you out of them and bring your progress to a halt!

Tip #5 “Done Is Better Than Perfect” – I used to fall into this trap with amazing regularity.  I would always strive to make the job “perfect” and because of that I would become hyper critical and that would be counter productive because I would, in reality, waste so much time on this that I ran out of time to work on getting things I wanted to done and finished.  I suddenly realised one day (after watching some of the Lavendaire videos),
that it is actually the opposite that helps you to make significant progress.  It is important to do things to the best of you ability but it does not have to be perfect every time.

Tip #6 “You Are The Master Of Your Thoughts” – How many times do you suddenly find yourself “day dreaming” about something totally random?  The chances are that these day dreams have absolutely nothing to do with your task in hand.  Therefore, when you catch yourself in this situation, mentally tell these thoughts that they are not part of your grand plan, they have no purpose being there at this time, so you are going to go straight through them. 

You are the Master Of Your Thoughts, you are the person in control of the thoughts in your head.

Tip #7 “The Power Of Thoughts” – following on from the above statement about being the Master of Your Thoughts you can also add the belief statements that:-

“My Good Thoughts Are Very Powerful” and “All My Negative Thoughts Are Very Weak”

In addition to all of the above points, I have personally found that it is very useful to have someone who holds you to account and keeps you on track.  This can be a friend or relation to whom you report on your progress towards you goals.  Having them watching over you as you move forwards can be extremely useful (although it can sometimes be a bit of a nuisance) – especially if you want to go for a cream tea when one of your goals is to lose a stone in weight!


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