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Plan 4 Success

Hi and welcome to the Under Blue Skies blog.  Today I am going to provide you with some pointers about one way that could help you to create your vision for the year(s) ahead (2019 and beyond).

While researching this post I have been looking back over old vision boards and present me / future me drawings to get an overview of the personal journey I have undertaken and I had not realised that I have completed many of the things I identified when I created my Plan 4 Success board way back in 2007. 

As a coach, music therapist and photographer I am very much involved with the creative / visual arts and because of this it was natural for me to create a set of visual images of the journey I was embarking on each year and over time I devised a system that combines both visual images and the written word into something that included both right and left brain thinking

So let me now illustrate the system I created that became my first vision board called Plan 4 Success and if you follow this guide the board that you will create provides an overview of the journey you want to take over the next 6 months / 1 year / 5 years / 10 years

I recommend creating this board on white A3 card because it helps you to make something that holds sufficient space for all the information you will probably want to include and the bonus is that it is not too difficult.

Starting with a blank sheet create 5 columns 6cm wide between the shorter edges of the card then starting on the longer edge draw a horizontal line at 4cm from the top followed by 6 more horizontal lines at 6cm spacing.  This gives you 5 4cm x 6cm boxes across the top of the page and 30 6cm x 6cm boxes filling the rest of the card.

Having done this then you can begin to add the labels

Starting in box at the top left corner – I suggest you write the following Plan 4 Success by (your name) and then, continuing across page, at the top of each column write 6 months / 1 year / 5 years / 10 years

Having done this you then complete the first vertical column by adding Business & Career / Health & Wellbeing / Relationships / Family / Personal Growth / Spirituality into one box each.

Now the fun part begins.  Using photographs of your own (this is important because it helps make the board more personal) mixed with images cut from magazines, add an image into each box.  These images are designed to represent where you want to be in each area in of your life at the corresponding time.  Performing this step involves the right (or creative) side of the brain.

I said at the beginning that this is an exercise that involves both parts of the brain so to include the left (the linear & logical) side of the brain write a single word (preferably) description of each picture in the box.  My descriptors include such words as Ability, Harmony, Psychic Health, New Office.

Then once you have finished the process it is a good idea (if possible) to get the Plan laminated because it may be stuck to a wall for 5 years.  

Shown below is the very first Plan 4 Success chart I created back in 2007.

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You can re-create this every year as your plans or goals change, for instance you might decide that you no longer want that big house in the country in 5 years because the opportunity has presented itself earlier, so you could in theory replace that with a new 5 year goal next year.

This system is only as rigid as you need it to be, remember it is your Plan 4 Success and over time that plan might change.

So in closing I would like to wish you the very best for this New Year and also say “Happy Planning”.

PS it would be awesome if you would post a comment and a picture of your Plan 4 Success in the comments box below.


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