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Vision and The Big Goal

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Hi and welcome to our 3rd post of 2019.  Today I thought that we would take a short look at the process of effective goal setting for the New Year.  To make a plan that takes us forward we really to take a quick look back, and thus be able to identify the things that we have been good at in earlier years.

Why Do We Need To Reflect?

If you look back over your life experiences you will find things that you enjoy doing in your spare time (although technically that is a misnomer because none of it is “spare”), things that you have been good at in previous years and that that make you feel free!

At the same time it might be a good idea to note what things you are not so good at and also see if you can spot any things that may be preventing you from living an abundant life.

Make a note of all these pro’s and con’s so that you can discover what it is that you really want out of the life you are here to live.

What Have Been My Accomplishments In The Past Year?

If you are like most people on the planet each year brings you new challenges and opportunities but we rarely stop to think about the progress we have made and determine what we are actually capable of.  So take a few minutes thinking time and then note down your answers to the following

What did I do that surprised me?

What made me proud last year?

What did I try but it didn’t work out as I expected it to?

What were my successful ideas and my accomplishments?

Where Do I Want To Go Next In My Life?

Having looked at the things you have accomplished you may actually be surprised by the amount of things that you actually achieved.  These things can often prove to be a springboard or signpost towards you next “big win” 

So, using this list you should ask yourself this question - How can I build on these past successes?

What Do I Want To Change?

Contained within all the items you have already listed there will be at least one thing that you could change and improve upon.  Aside from those points on the list, think about all areas of your life and not just your job or your business.

As you look at each of the areas I have listed below it might be useful to write down the things you would like to change.

Personal Finance

What Would I Do Differently If I Had Nothing Holding Me Back?

Although we do not like to admit it, we all have things that hold us back such as the things we feel totally obliged to do.  As an illustration of this you may consider that looking after elderly or inform parents or having your children attending a certain school are things that do not align with your vision for your life.

Write down all of those things that you consider are stopping you from creating and living the life you want to.

Here are a few suggestions to help you determine these things:-

Obligations to work
Obligations to friends
Obligation to family
Financial Constraints


Is it possible to work round these items or is it possible to change them?  You may find that with a little adjustment you are not as really as hampered as you at first thought.

And Finally…………

Many people try to work on too many goals at once (and yes I have been that person) and they end up doing nothing because they are overwhelmed.  So choose one big goal that you want to accomplish and work on that one until you do so before moving on to the next.

Set a single large goal based on your thoughts about past success, things you want to change and overcoming barriers.

Once you have completed all the parts shown above you will now have a complete overview and this should have helped you define your goal. Therefore, as a result of this work, you are a step closer to its achievement.


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