Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Wanting More......

        WANTING                                                         MORE.....

Hi it's Dave and today I thought I would bring the life coach within me into the spotlight to talk a little bit about the concept of how you can take charge of your own life.

I have a friend who once said to me that she was feeling really down because (and this is a statement I have used as a title for a book in the past) "It's My Life But Someone Else Leads It!"

What she did not know at the time, was that the girl standing in front of me was the sum total of all the choices that she had made in her life up until that day.  I said to her that the challenge was this "anything that is not working in your life should be looked at closely" and I suggested that she asked herself "Can I grow with this and in this situation?"

I felt that she was suffering something called "Deficiency Motivation" because I had often heard her saying "I don't like where I am" and "I don't like what I have done" and "I can't do this well" the result of this thinking was that it was challenging her personal and even business development.

The natural outcome of "Deficiency Motivation" is to make an assumption that something is wrong and then to attempt to fix it - however the reality is that you will never be able to "fix it".  You will always find that you are always trying to be somewhere else or doing something different but the logical outcome is that you start to suffer with something called Wanting More!

As an example of this let us consider that you want to have a bank balance of  £100,000 (or $) and so you set that as your goal and then work very hard towards getting that sum of money.  It is a struggle and you constantly deny yourself things along the way.  

Eventually you reach your goal and you have your 100,000 (£ or $) in the bank.  Over the years this aim has been your life, it is all you know, it has become who you are BUT once you get there you find that it is not enough!

A no limit person never operates from a place of deficiency or lack and they never say "I don't have enough"

In truth you are never going to get enough because quite simply - you are enough already!

So what of my friend?...........she adapted her thinking, changed her patterns and is now running a successful and profitable business working from home and is very happy with both her life and the work that she is doing.

DAve x


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